New Series of Events: NIT Impact Sessions

NIT is launching from September 2015 a new series of events entitled NIT Impact Sessions. Under the heading “Success 4.0 – Is Your Company Fit for the Future?” experts with practical expertise will provide an outlook into tomorrow’s digitalized working world. In small groups business leaders will learn which digital trends are worth taking up. more

Joining forces to support startups

The Bucerius Law School and the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, both in Hamburg, are working to collaborate on promoting startups more intensively in the future, NIT CEO Verena Fritzsche and Bucerius CEO Dr. Hariolf Wenzler have announced.  more

Hats off – NIT Graduation on August 14

The 29 MBA and MTM students of NIT Class 15 receive their certificates this year on August 14. The students from ten different countries celebrate together in the presence of family, friends, teachers, alumni, board members, and sponsors of the NIT. The ceremonial graduation takes place in the end of each NIT study. more

NIT alumnus Sebastian Trimpe in latest issue of “spectrum”

An article by NIT Class 7 alumnus Dr. Sebastian Trimpe was published in the popular science magazine “bild der wissenschaft plus” in the October 2014 issue. The article entitled “Wenn es was zu sagen gibt” (when there's something to say) dealt with intelligent systems that communicate with each other and act autonomously.  more

“Leadership in the digitized world”

This is an ubiquitous issue, and not only in the current debate on Industrie 4.0. At the Hamburg Innovation Summit (HHIS) held at the beginning of June NIT CEO Verena Fritzsche headed a BarCamp session on the subject. more

NIT Virtual Tour

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