Vattenfall as an NIT Partner: Scholarship holders Dr. Markus Göring and Jakobus Gäth report

Vattenfall has been an NIT partner company for many years and has supported many students already with a scholarship. This relationship is not just a one-way street, however, as the careers of Dr. Markus Göring, NIT Class 09, und Jakobus Gäth, NIT Class 14, demonstrate. more

TUHH & NIT celebrate Homecoming 2014

TUHH & NIT celebrate Homecoming 2014 from September 19 to 21. Save this date! more

Go for Goal! - NIT students at “Cup der Privaten” in Berlin

From April 24 until 27 “Cup der Privaten” takes place in Berlin. After last year’s defeat the NIT students will try their luck again this year. more

ROHDE & SCHWARZ 2014 Case Study Competition at NIT – Register Now to Take Part!

On May 14, the Hamburg preliminary round of the 2014 Case Study Competition will be held at NIT. The competition has been sponsored throughout Germany for ten years by ROHDE & SCHWARZ, the Munich-based specialist in measurement, wireless, and communication technology, in collaboration with the German Association for Electrical, Electronic... more

"There Were Only 24 Hours in Einstein’s Day"

Name something typically German? "Grünkohl," says Andrew Toth without stopping to think. He recently ate Grünkohl (curly kale) with Bratwurst (fried sausage) and mustard. There is nothing like it back home. For the past 18 months NIT in Hamburg has been the 24-year-old Kansas student’s second home. more

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nithh double degree program
nithh double degree program
nithh double degree program