Montag, 8. Juni 2015

NIT unterstützt Non-Profit-Projekt

"We cannot give life more days, but we can give the days more life" is the motto of the children’s hospice “Sternenbrücke”, which NIT alumni, students, friends and staff supported in May 2015 as part of the “tatkräftig” initiative. The event was organized by the NIT Alumni Network.

NIT alumni and students lent a hand with gardening at Sternenbrücke. The tasks they performed alongside the hospice’s employees included cutting the lawn, polishing benches, leveling flower beds, weeding the garden and painting a new shed.

Imre Kulcsar, president of the NIT Alumni Network: "The event was a great opportunity to get out from our everyday roles and take a look around and reach out to those who needed some help. It was an uplifting feeling to work together with students and alumni and know that we did something good together. Furthermore seeing all the helping hands on that day showed me that there is great potential in the network and it is worth strengthening it and being a part of it."

The children’s hospice “Sternenbrücke” looks after the whole family with terminally ill children. “Sternenbrücke” also accompanies the family through the last period of their child’s life.

The students’ assistance will benefit “Sternenbrücke’s” residents directly.

“tatkräftig” is a non-profit initiative for project-oriented volunteer management. It enables groups of volunteers to work simply and effectively for others.

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