27. Apr - 28. Apr
27. April bis 28. April 2019



Trainer: Prof. Dr. Christoph Ihl, Technische Universität Hamburg

Sprache: English


This course examines the elements of entrepreneurial finance, focusing on technology-based start-up ventures and the early stages of company development. It will focus on the finance principles related to the risk & return of venture capital, the valuation of high growth companies, the capital structure specific to venture capital-backed companies, and investment decisions under uncertainty. The course addresses key questions relevant to both startup and corporate entrepreneurs: How much money can and should be raised? When should it be raised and from whom? What is a reasonable valuation of the company? How should funding, employment contracts and exit decisions be structured?

In particular, the following course modules will be covered:

  • Forecasting Financial Needs of New Technology Ventures
  • Valuation of New Technology Ventures
  • Financing New Technology Ventures
  • Harvesting and Exit Strategies for New Technology Ventures

The class sessions will be a mixture of input lectures, teamwork on case studies and class discussions.

27. April bis 28. April 2019
9 bis 18 Uhr
695 Euro (Regulärer Preis)
195 Euro (NIT Alumni Preis)
NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management
Kasernenstr. 12
21073 Hamburg

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