Get to know the thinking of the future in a 2-day intensive training: programming, leadership, machine learning and digital philosophy. Next Training: April 27-28, 2018

Of course, you can travel to Silicon Valley to get to know the start-up world - you will however just get to see the outside view of the brave new world. Quite different in Digital_Survival Training: Travel into the head of a developer! Experience how programmers think and how they shape the digital world. In two days of intensive training you will learn the basics of programming and get insights into current trends, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Understand what's in the minds of the IT specialists
Above all, familiarize yourself with the mindset of trusted digital creator. Learn to think new - yes disruptive! The aim of the tutorial is not to make a programmer of you but to provide you with an overview of blind spots, dangers, and courses of action.

For me, digitization is an open process.
The Digital Survival Training provided me with an excellent navigational aid.

Florian Gruber, DST attendee and proprietor of The Alternative Board Germany, Hamburg Region


Digital Survival


Our target group for this intensive workshop are decision makers who are confronted with Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and the machine learning revolution and need to think about a strategic realignment of their company.


In a succession of practical steps you are introduced to client and server programming and familiarized with databases. You will learn what distributed computing is and what the advantages of Web technologies are. Once you are familiar with the basics of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence you will go on an excursion into the Internet of Things.


Dr. Martin Burckhardt, cultural theorist, company founder and programmer

Martin Burckhardt has made a name for himself as a cultural theorist with several books that have received international acclaim. Along with guest professorships and journalism (FAZ, Die Zeit, Lettre, etc.) he works intensively on programming issues.

Martin Burckhardt


Design Thinking Space @NIT

Our Design Thinking Space is 65mĀ² in area and offers ample opportunities for brainstorming, creative work or developing and presenting your ideas - perfect for an interactive workshop like the Digital_Survival Training.

NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management gGmbH
Kasernenstrasse 12
21073 Hamburg


EUR 1,690 Normal prize (VAT not included)
EUR 1.490 Early bird, up to 40 days before event (VAT not included)
EUR 1,290 Cooperation partner (VAT not included)
EUR 1,290 NIT alumni (VAT not included)


April 27-28, 2018



Florian Grubers repo
Digital Training

Learning by Programming - Report on Digital Survival Training

The Digital Survival Training participants turned up for the course on November 24 and 25, 2017, expecting to get to know in two days of intensive training the basics of programming and to gain insights into current trends such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.
In this interview Florian Gruber, DST attendee and proprietor of The Alternative Board Germany, Hamburg Region, explains exactly what this intensive and interactive training course has to offer.

Mr Gruber, you attended the Digital Survival Training course. What did you learn from the workshop?

First, I was amazed by the most pragmatic access provided to the big issue of digitization caught between digital euphoria and despair. Practical programming exercises led to animated discussions to which the lecturer, Dr Martin Burckhardt, added knowledge and anecdotes. This exchange definitely helped me very much to find a position on the subject of digitization.


What particularly appealed to you?

I was very pleased that no attempts were made to impose on attendees any specific attitude on digitization. Instead, many aspects of the digital transformation were presented with in-depth knowledge and discussed by all of the participants.

Was there any special new insight for you? And how will you be able to integrate new findings into your day-to-day professional life?

Even though I have looked into the topic for some time there were repeated superb moments of personal insight ending with realization that digitization is still a very much open process. The Digital Survival Training course provided me with an excellent navigational aid from which I can benefit in my work. The better I know my own viewpoint, the better I can help others to position themselves. In that sense the seminar was also very useful for collaboration with my customers, colleagues and employees.

And your conclusion?

The training course was a successful mixture of learning by doing (programming), specific knowledge transfer and a classification in the wider context of digital change. The speaker Dr Martin Burckhardt succeeded time and again in opening up new and surprising perspectives on the subject and prompted me to think lng and hard about digital processes and technologies. This course can really make sense as an orientation aid, especially for managers working on the cusp of the digital sector.



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