Get to know the thinking of the future in a 2-day intensive training, composed by NIT's DIGITAL THINK TANK: programming, leadership, machine learning, digital philosophy.

Language of instruction is German.

Next dates: November 24-25, 2017

February 9-10, 2018


Decision makers who are confronted with Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and the machine learning revolution and need to think about a strategic realignment of their company.


In a succession of practical steps you are introduced to client and server programming and familiarized with databases. You will learn what distributed computing is and what the advantages of Web technologies are. Once you are familiar with the basics of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence you will go on an excursion into the Internet of Things.


The aim of the tutorial is not to make a programmer of you but to provide you with an overview of blind spots, dangers, and courses of action.

All of these practical exercises are complemented by fireside chats and talks on the history and philosophy of the computer in a pleasant environment. You will end by being conversant with the alphabet of modernity and able to hold your own in a dialog with experts.

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Dr. Martin Burckhardt, cultural theorist, company founder and programmer

Martin Burckhardt has made a name for himself as a cultural theorist with several books that have received international acclaim. Along with guest professorships and journalism (FAZ, Die Zeit, Lettre, etc.) he works intensively on programming issues. In 2011 he founded the startup Ludic Philosophy, establishing a kind of situationist online gaming, so he is familiar with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques.


Combination of Theory and Experience; Programming hands-on; mixed with Presentations and Discussions



EUR 1,690 (normal prize, VAT not included)
EUR 1,290 (cooperation partner, VAT not included)
EUR 1,290 (NIT alumni, VAT not included)
EUR 1,490 (early bird, until October 25, 2017, VAT not included)


November 24 - 25, 2017

February 09 - 10, 2018


Places Hamburg - Blue Room
Schopenstehl 15
20095 Hamburg





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