Your company needs a change. You want to optimize processes or implement new technologies. We will make you and your team fit for current and future challenges. At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management you will find customized training and further education programs. We focus on your needs. Together, we will develop a tailored, continuing-education offer for your company.

20 years of experience in Technology Management

For 20 years, we have successfully offered our general management study programs for engineers.

Due to our lengthy experience with study programs, we have at our disposal a first-rate international network of university professors and teachers with practical corporate experience, which we use to match you with a mentor well-fit for your needs.

Workshop: Weiterbildung in der Digitalisierung an der NIT

Corporate programs @NIT: individual & innovative

Our corporate programs range from intensive workshops over several days and summer schools to management training over several months for up-and-coming executives and management staff.

Alternatively, we can offer various meetings on your premises, in our Design Thinking Space at the NIT in Hamburg, or elsewhere.

Cooperation of NIT & Nordmetall


Digitalization covers all areas of society without exception. For companies, this means that they have to adapt to fundamental changes in their work processes. The new qualification series of the associations Nordmetall and AGV Nord, entitled "Modulqualifizierung Digitale Strategie" (Module Qualification Digital Strategy), assists companies over a period of several weeks in shaping structural change.

The offer: Several employees from three different companies take part forming interdisciplinary teams to work together over four modules in interactive Workshops. The attendees will learn how they can actively manage change in their enterprise.

The workshops take place at the participating companies, and thus are able to offer insight into the respective working environments. In the practical phases between individual modules, work continues on the innovative ideas from individual companies.

NIT sensitizes for 'Leadership in Change Processes'

With the modules 'Business Model Innovation' and 'Work 4.0 - Corporate Culture and Initiating Change', the Northern Institute of Technology Management makes an important contribution to the innovative continuing education series. Dr. Christoph Ihl, Professor for Entrepreneurship at the Technical University of Hamburg, delivers an up-to-date method for the development of new digital business models.

Tobias Möller-Hahlbrock, psychologist and process consultant, knows why the topic of leadership is so crucial in the current business environment. The NIT will assist participating employees on this topic in the module "Work 4.0," while seeking to sensitize employees to approaching potential pitfalls, and improve their general communication style.

"The more uncertain and unclear the work surrounding the field becomes, the more humans will require orientation, flexible structures, and support to self-organize. These are the tasks of the Leaders 4.0"

 "We are delighted to be part of this successful format, which is already entering its third round this year. The interdisciplinary character of the training is particularly great.

    This not only allows different departments of a company to exchange information, but also enables employees from different companies to establish new networks," says Verena Fritzsche, (CEO of the NIT, 2013-2020), describing the unique concept of the "Digital Strategy Module Qualification". "

Foto: Liebherr_Rostock
Foto: Liebherr_Rostock

A forward-looking cooperation of strong partners

The module qualification was developed by NIT and the Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft e.V. for the employers' associations Nordmetall and AGV Nord in order to support companies in the metal and electrical industries in shaping the digital structural change. Participants acquire extensive strategic skills, become part of a sustainable corporate learning process, and build networks and cooperations.

Specifically, it's about that:

  • to learn to recognise and control the dimensions of digital structural change and their mutual influences
  • to make it possible to experience different perspectives of structural change through an intensive exchange in cross-company and cross-hierarchical learning groups
  • and to stay in contact after the module qualification and to push forward changes together in a strong network.

These companies have already taken part in the qualification process: Raytheon Anschütz from Kiel, Mankenberg from Lübeck, Liebherr-MCCtec from Rostock.

"Rethinking is the big problem. These structural changes are actually the crux of the matter, and that is what these training modules teach."

Axel Weidner, Managing Director of Mankenberg GmbH

There are already numerous interested companies from Northern Germany in the upcoming rounds over the next few years.

Are you facing the challenges of digital change?

Would you like to exchange ideas with other companies in the industry? Please feel free to contact us.


Jointly with Tesa, a global manufacturer of self-adhesive system solutions, the NIT has developed a customized training program for senior management personnel. Its aim is to intensify executives’ expertise in their respective areas and, more importantly, to understand and question corporate strategy from a management perspective while furthering Tesa’s strategic development.



Standorte des Corporate Pragramms


Graphik der Zusammenarbeit von der tesa SE mit dem NIT

The management development program consists of six modules. The responsible Tesa executive and an NIT faculty member, specialized in the subject area, implement each module. Faculty members come from different universities and business schools from NIT's international network.

The program is implemented annually at Tesa locations around the world (Hamburg, Lisbon, Shanghai). It consists of Strategy, Human Resources, B2B, Supply Network, B2C, and Financial Management modules. Participants are global in scope and reflect a mix of different functional disciplines. They are mainly managers who hold a key position. On average, there are 15 attendees.

In this program, NIT performs an important control and coordination function, especially in respect of the faculty members involved. In developing the program’s contents NIT representatives contribute their extensive expertise in executive education.

The NIT contributes to continuous development of the program by means of tried and trusted forms of evaluation. Cooperation is practically applied through the program, as the program team is comprised of representatives from Tesa and the NIT. The program team meets regularly and discusses all aspects that are of program relevance, ranging from operational details of organization to fundamental issues that are to be dealt with in a module.


Thomas Fuchs (then Managing Director Human Resources ) explains the program's backstory:

"The task was to draw up a program for senior managers at the company which conveyed the state of external knowledge at international business schools in combination with the situation at their firm. This enabled them to deal with corporate strategy, to take part in the further development of this strategy, and to develop and implement new strategies of their own.

What matters to us is that the employee’s focus is not solely on the company, but that their eyes are opened to the world around them: the global economy in its constant state of change with fluctuating markets and a competitive environment. Given that this is a management program we would like our employees to be taught knowledge from the company's key areas of specialization.

We chose the NIT because it designed a program for us that is precisely geared to meet our requirements. The NIT arranged an international group of professors for us who have been collaborating closely with our management to design the individual modules. We wanted a custom-designed program that was different from the conventional solution, and that is what we now have. The NIT has always been open, creative, and flexible."

Bild von Matthias Meyer aus dem Jahre 2012

Prof. Matthias Meyer about the success of the program:

"An important factor for the success of our program is the close exchange of different perspectives which Tesa, the NIT, and I, as the Academic Coordinator, contribute to the project. The program—and with it the customers—benefit from a great deal of experience and expertise in program design, the choice of suitable professors, and the further development of the program."


We would be pleased to create an individual Corporate Programm for your company. Feel free to contact us!