Digital transformation is a process that many enterprises and institutions are currently undergoing. That is why IT knowledge and a familiarity with the basics of digitization and data security for companies are essential now and will continue to be essential in the future.


In addition to changing requirements of executives and their teams, new technologies and more agile processes provide numerous opportunities for manufacturing and the service sector. To make effective use of them and to anchor them into corporate culture, executives need to aquire and consistently update digital competencies.

In our workshops and lectures on digital competence, participants acquire the very skills they need in order to assess and utilize digitization competently. Furthermore, our further education programs highlight risks that may arise in connection with the use of new IT applications.


Would you like to delve deeper into our forward-looking topics or learn the latest innovation methods? We are happy to offer you various formats for the following exciting topics: Depending on your needs, our offers can be booked as keynote speeches or workshops over half a day, one or two days. Individual formats for your team are also possible. Unless otherwise stated, dates, prices and language (English or German) are available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Tobias Berger
tthink GmbH & Co.KG, Hamburg

8 week course on request

"By building a voice interface skill for Alexa, participants will learn and experience hands on the success factors for Digital Transformation - the right mindset and digital basic know how."

In this 8 week course, participants shall solve a digital problem in small teams. This year participants shall develop a voice interface skill for Amazon's Alexa

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Through the interactive working method and digital learning methods, the participants are in close contact with the group members and the trainer. At the end of this project-based workshop, the participants submit their project and receive feedback.

The Participants are supported in their project work through a set of events, during which specific aspects of the challenges in a digital project are elaborated - digital transformation as whole, how to design a digital product and how to address information security challenges. Amongst others, in a live skype session participants will discuss with a professional ethical hacker from a US cyber security company.

The course provides a tool set to make use of "Digital" as a means for success for every business in the fields of IT Operations, IT Development and Change, IT Security. It creates awareness of IT security issues and how to avoid them and de-mystifies information technological systems. Participants will gain knowledge about best practice frameworks and methodologies and their application to have a reference for future issues: By designing digital products participants will gain experiences in working with IT tools and train self-organization and motivation.

Main focus of the course "Shaping the Digital World"
In groups participants shall solve a digital problem that touches each of the following knowledge area:

  • Digital Transformation
  • The value of data
  • Lean and the Minimum Viable Product
  • Agile (software) development
  • Effective IT Operations
  • Information Security
  • Digital Ethics
  • Latest technological trends

Language: Englisch

Course fee: € 695 (€ 195 for NIT alumni)

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Ralf Schulze
Associate Partner - Digital Transformation – Manufacturing at Camelot Management Consultants

Two-hour workshop – on request

Our "Understanding Digitization in 120 Minutes" workshop is intended to give you an overview of digitization and digital change. Special attention is paid to the transformation of value chains. The workshop consists of three sections, each beginning with a short lecture and followed by a discussion.


  • The basics of digitization
    - What does digitization mean?
    - Evolution or revolution?
    - Which factors determine digital strategy?
    - A toolkit for choosing the right digital technologies
  • Humankind in digitization
    - What role will humans play in the digital working world?
    - Which skills will be important?
    - Agile vs. Traditional – How will we control projects in the future?
  • Examples of digital transformation projects
    - A collection of digital ideas and projects from different industries.


Tobias Möller-Hahlbrock
Dipl. Psychologe and facilitator,, Hamburg

The aim of the "Digitalisierung - one day_day one" is to enable the attendees to talk about digitization. They are sensitized to register the extent of the changes that digitization brings about.

This prepares attendees to be better able to arrive at an opinion on digital matters and to develop initial ideas on the change that is needed in their own organization.

The offer is aimed at CEOs, executives, project managers, team leaders and people interested in dealing more intensively with the subject of digitization. In addition to dialog talks, discussions and keynote videos attendees' own topics will be dealt with in case studies and exercises.


  • Introduction to digitization: What is digitization / can be digitized? Laws and basic principles
  • Areas of application and examples: Technologies (3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, etc.), organizations (Amazon, Google, etc.)
  • Effects on the economy and society: Axes of effects, industry-specific dynamics, change of power
  • Prerequisites for the digitization of organizations: The three pillars of organizational development, awareness of and competences for changes

Conclude with a participation certificate.



Tobias Berger
tthink GmbH & Co.KG, Hamburg

Threats to the security of information and IT systems are on the increase. The growth of networking presents hackers with scope for attack. IT consultant Tobias Berger draws attention to the threats and how businesses can protect themselves from them.


Dr. Martin Burckhardt
Cultural theorist, company founder and programmer

Get to know the thinking of the future in a 2-day intensive training: programming, leadership, machine learning and digital philosophy. Learn to think new - yes disruptive! The aim of the tutorial is not to make a programmer of you but to provide you with an overview of blind spots, dangers, and courses of action.

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As you study the modules from our curriculum, you prepare for a modern, agile and digital work environment. Through our innovative learning concept, you focus on learning through many dynamic, practical and socially integrated projects. A module consists of several weekend workshops, self-study time and individual online coaching.


The Coding module enables participants to start programming. Common programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Java are considered and evaluated. In a practical project the students learn to program web applications with JavaScript.


Coding I

  • Getting Started with Programming
  • Programming in JavaScript
  • Logical Expressions and Operators

Coding II

  • HTML and CSS
  • Web applications with JavaScript
  • Practical project

Learning objectives

  • Understanding and using the JavaScript language
  • Logical thinking
  • Knowledge of web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Legal Aspects of Technology Management

Students learn professional and methodological skills to put legal issues related to new technologies into practice and to understand and draft related contracts. This module focuses in particular on trademark and patent law, European data protection practice and the drafting of contracts.


Part 1: Industrial property rights in practice

  • Basics of trademark law
  • Fundamentals of copyright law
  • Basics of design law
  • Fundamentals of patent and utility model law as well as the protection of corporate practices

Part 2: Handling data in practice

  • Fundamentals of data protection in Europe
  • Design of samples for practice

Part 3: Drafting contracts

  • Types of license agreement/project agreement
  • Fundamentals of contract drafting
  • Contract interests
  • Essential contents of the contract

One attendance day takes the form of an excursion.

Learning objectives

Students will be able to implement legal questions in connection with new technologies and to understand and draft contracts in this field in a professional and methodical way.


On request, we would be pleased to put together an individual offer of workshops or keynotes for you. Feel free to contact us!




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