Our alumni are at home all over the world. They work in large metropolitan areas or smaller cities, maintain an active community and keep in touch via social networks (like the NIT's own InsideNIT), their alumni chapter or the annual NIT Homecoming Weekend.

Many former NIT students meet with other former fellow-students regularly and share news about their personal and professional progress. Our alumni are also ready as contacts to offer our current students advice and assistance, to provide insights into their companies' processes and to support our students with their career planning.


At NIT, we have been working for many years with impressive industrial partners who support our students with scholarships. Since not all students have access to this support, the NIT Alumni Network has established the One-of-us Scholarship.

In this way, the community can enrich and change a person's life by funding a full scholarship for a future Class 20 student. For this ambitious goal, we need 22.000€! With a crowdfunding campaign on they can help directly!

Last year the alumni fully funded a student for the first time. Thanks to their support, this year Zhi Kai from Class 18 can complete his double master's degree in Technology Management at NIT and in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH).
Zhi Kai is very grateful for this wonderful support: "I was very happy when I was accepted at NIT, but at the same time I was worried because I could not afford to study. When I was selected for the One-of-Us Scholarship, my heart fell out. This meant new opportunities for me and helped me to break out of my previous environment."

Be part of the One-of-us Scholarship and make change possible!


Alumni NIT


Our Inside NIT social network is a virtual community for the entire NIT family – students and alumni, teachers, staff, partner companies, and many other NIT friends. It is exclusively for the NIT community.

As our alumni, you will meet old friends, make new friends, create your own groups, post and find job offers and job queries. You get special rates on our continuing education offers. Stay tuned to what is going on at the NIT with the more detailed Inside event calendar!


Alumni, students, teachers, partner companies and the NIT team are also in the LinkedIn business network, where you will find old friends and make new contacts. You can recommend the NIT. Follow the NIT’s university page and join the NIT alumni group!


NIT graduates are also alumni of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). With the TU & YOU initiative, the TUHH aims to develop a closely-knit network of competences between alumni, students, teachers and staff and with representatives of business, politics, and the arts. The NIT works closely with TU & YOU on, for example, the joint Homecoming Weekend held in autumn every other year.


Would you like to support the NIT and give something back in return? Your donation will help to secure its high-quality management training for engineers in the future. A one-off or a regular donation several times a year? We are delighted with any amount you donate. As a nonprofit institution, the NIT is entitled to issue donation certificates that are tax-deductible in Germany.


In 2002, graduates founded the NIT Alumni Network as a registered association. It is a self-governing association of alumni, closely cooperating with the alumni team at the NIT.

The principal objective of the alumni association is to maintain close personal and professional ties between classmates and members of different classes: keeping in touch and supporting each other in many ways via the valuable, close-knit, lifelong network founded at the NIT.

Das Stipendien Projekt am NIT
Das Stipendien Projekt am NIT


Starting in 2008, the One of Us project is run by the NIT Alumni Network. Alumni make financial contributions to a fund intended to finance a scholarship for the double-degree program at the NIT. The first recipient of the scholarship will be a student of NIT Class 18.


The board of the NIT Alumni network:

Özge Isal, President,
is responsible for the event experience movement and the social network presence

Vadim Genin, Vice-President,
is in charge of workflow management and professional networking

Bahadir Cevdet Kavri, Treasurer


Support individual NIT students as they make their way in their careers. For the upcoming Class, we are still looking for alumni who would be happy to take on this role. As a mentor, you will, for instance, arrange contacts with companies or support your mentee in the quest for an internship or with embarking on a career. The mentoring program aims not only to provide career-related assistance but also to promote the student’s personal development in an intercultural context.


Would you like to champion the NIT – and to do so across borders and continents? Then become an NIT ambassador. Around the world, our alumni tell young engineers about the double degree program at the Hamburg University of Technology and the NIT. You will be passing on your own experience by telling them about your studies in Hamburg. You will advise them on how to apply and provide exciting insights into possible career development after double-degree graduation.


First, it was Hamburg, and now they’re off to see the world. Every year, NIT Class 14 alumni choose another destination and get to know one of their fellow-students’ home countries. They have already visited India and Hungary, and in 2016 they will visit the United States.

Gruppe isst zusammen

JOIN commuNITy e.V.

The future needs visionary people who use technologies for the benefit of humanity. At the NIT we give talented people from all over the world the opportunity to develop their talents. We create ideal learning spaces and stimulate innovation. Help us realize our vision & become a member of commuNITy e.V.!


You do good and have fun as you do it. Students and alumni regularly undertake commitments for a good cause, be it gardening at a hospice or paving a path at a workshop for the disabled. Some NIT-ers are also active in refugee assistance, such as by working pro bono as interpreters and much more.


Lifelong learning is a matter of course for NIT graduates, and many of them use their alma mater’s further education offerings. You can refresh your training on topics like new leadership and digital transformation. And you benefit from special terms and conditions, of course.



In the E-Track, NIT students Matthias Schmittmann and Johannes Weber worked on the business plan for their mobile gas chromatograph. That was in 2014. They went on to found their company, bentekk, and have since won one startup award after another. Refineries and environmental experts are by no means the only users of their portable measuring device.


Getting around town in an eco-friendly way is easy with the nüwiel bike trailer. You can transport items without difficulty and with minimal extra effort. NIT graduates Natalia Tomiyama and Sandro Rabbiosi designed a trailer with its own drive unit that makes smart use of braking and acceleration energy.

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