How will we live well in the world of tomorrow, and what can – or rather must – we do today to achieve this? How can we be more sustainable, more equitable, and more in harmony with nature and the environment? The answers to these difficult and ubiquitous questions are found fragmented across multiple disciplines. Among other things, green technologies can help to create innovative solutions. In a world in which the consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly visible and tangible, they are more in demand than ever.

According to the "GreenTech-Atlas 2018" published by management consultants Roland Berger, the demand for green products and solutions is high and will increase by up to about seven percent annually until 2025 - with an upward trend.

According to the study, the areas of environmental technology and resource efficiency in particular are required as drivers of sustainable innovation. Companies and start-ups involved in energy management, sustainable mobility, and waste and recycling management now have great opportunities to participate in global demand. In addition, increasing digitalization is accelerating the innovation density of the green tech sector.

Expertise in technology + management are in demand

Experts who can manage not only the technical, but also the organizational dimension of this change are urgently needed. For over 20 years, the NIT has been convinced that these skills should be combined in order to make responsible management decisions.

Together with the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), we therefore offer the double degree program in technology management, which combines an engineering Master of Science with innovative management methods. TUHH study programmes such as environmental engineering, bioprocess engineering or energy and environmental technology are more current than ever and are completed by many NIT students in the Double Master´s program - in addition to an MBA at the NIT.

Startups develop sustainable technologies at the NIT

In the NIT master´s program great importance is placed on students being able to apply what they have learned in practice. Exciting projects - also in the area of green technologies - are thus created during the studies.

These have already resulted in numerous innovative and start-up companies, such as Nuwiel, which developed an electric, emission-free bicycle trailer. Another current success is the startup Evitado (former brand name: Flugilo), which won the Hamburg Innovation Award 2019 for the best business idea with its aircraft parking system.


In order to support innovative business ideas of NIT students during their studies, the NIT has created the "Accelerator Program Green Tech". The development of green technologies is to be promoted and expanded within the framework of the "Accelerator Program Green Tech" developed by the NIT. Support is to be provided for study projects and business ideas that deal with the promotion of sustainable innovations and drive them forward.

NIT students will deal intensively with green tech and the development of sustainable technologies during their studies, particularly in the modules "Self-development in a Digital Economy", "Leadership in Changing Environments" and "Digital Supply Chain". The support of the Hamburg Climate Protection Foundation not only ensures the quality of teaching, but also enables NIT students to further develop their own projects in the area of Green Tech.

Hamburger Klimaschutzstiftung unterstützt „Green Tech @ NIT“

In January 2020, the #moinzukunft- Hamburger Klimafonds has promised the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management a grant for the project "Accelerator Program Green Tech".

The cooperation with the fund enables the NIT to promote the topic "Green Tech" and to support innovative projects of students.

#moinzukunft- Hamburger Klimafonds

The #moinzukunft- Hamburger Klimafonds is a support program of the Hamburger Klimaschutzstiftung (HKS) and the Hamburg Ministry of Environment and Energy. The aim of the #moinzukunft- Hamburger Klimafonds is to initiate projects in Hamburg that promote environmental and climate protection. The #moinzukunft- Hamburger Klimafonds aims to raise awareness of the effects of climate change with the help of targeted information and educational approaches.

Rotary Club Hamburg-Harburg vergibt Green Tech-Stipendium

The Rotary Club Hamburg-Harburg and the NIT will cooperate in the future to promote green technologies. As part of the cooperation, the Rotary Club will award a partial scholarship to NIT students who want to realize a business idea in the area of green tech.

The scholarship is intended to create innovative solutions that have a positive impact on our lives and the environment. We would like to promote this intention together with the RC Hamburg-Harburg.

Foundation potential meets social commitment of RC Hamburg-Harburg

In the two years of the Master's degree in Technology Management, the sponsored student will further develop his/her own founding idea in the field of Green Technology. Accompanying he_she will receive the necessary tools to realize his/her own business idea.

Premises, such as the NIT Startup Space, as well as intensive support by coaches, additionally help to realize the "Green Tech Startup Idea". The final master's thesis includes a detailed business plan for the foundation of a start-up in the field of green technology.

Are you interested in studying Green Tech, would you like to further develop a sustainable business idea or are you interested in a cooperation? Feel free to contact us!


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