Under the slogan ‘BE THE CHANGE,’ talented people from around the world come to the Northern Institute of Technology (NIT) Management and learn how to handle management tasks responsibly and sustainably. We focus on modern issues like digitization, global management, and entrepreneurship with a hands-on approach for qualified students and business executives.

At the NIT, people with different backgrounds get together in a unique community. Strong international prospects, renowned academics, and successful entrepreneurs create a special intercultural learning environment.

With expertise in research and practical applications, the NIT offers an international degree course in technology management. This program offers modern further-education formats as well as process assistance for companies.


Founded: in 1998 by professors at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) as a gGmbH – with financial support from the Körber Foundation and companies

Location: The NIT Building – Gebäude F, Kasernenstr. 12 – is on the TUHH campus in Hamburg-Harburg

Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff (President, CEO)


  • Over 550 alumni around the world who have graduated with a master’s at the NIT/TUHH
  • About 30 students a year take up a study program at the NIT, including around 30 percent female students
  • Two thirds of the students are from other countries, mostly overseas   


  •  50 (30 currently active) professors from renowned universities and business schools around the world, such as Cranfield University, UK, I. E. Madrid, Spain, Portland State University, and Babson College
  •  40 (20 currently active) teachers with a practical background 
  •  10 research assistants from the TUHH   


We at the NIT are committed to sustainable development as well as facilitating humble and respectful interactions in the world, and we have implemented this commitment in our curriculum.
Our aim is to enable visionary personalities to put new technologies to use for humankind and the environment. We create ideal learning spaces for our students and further education participants. We provide encouragement for innovation and digital change.

In addition to teaching professional and personal competences we set our sights on a unique community in which we network people of different origins and disciplines.
To strengthen this community we maintain an international network of alumni, teachers, and partners. We have also set up our booster club commuNITy e.V. to help support student projects.


When the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management was founded in 1998 the only study program it offered was the double master’s degree in collaboration with the TUHH. Over the years the range has been extended. The technology management course was opened up for professionals and research assistants, and the target group was expanded beyond just engineers to include scientists.

The students learn in small groups from international teachers how to think like entrepreneurs and how to move technologies forward responsibly. In this intercultural environment the NIT provides space for individual development and interdisciplinary networking.

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Further Education for Executives

From 2010 the NIT began to offer further education programs for business executives and customized management development programs for companies. Our cooperation partners have included the Nordmetall industry association, Roland Berger management consultants, and tesa SE.

From 2013 to 2015 there was an NIT China Class in cooperation with the Nanjing University of Aeronautics und Astronautics in the People’s Republic of China. The NIT currently offers further education programs for Chinese delegations. The NIT also runs workshops to prepare teams for digital change from technology trends, via innovation methods and digital competences to people and culture topics. With the Design Thinking Space in the NIT building, the NIT has literally created space in which to try out new methods and techniques.

Digitization as a Main Focus

The advance of digitization represents a revolutionary change in technology and society, and the NIT recognized, at an early stage, the far-reaching consequences for enterprises digitization will have. That is why, in 2015, the NIT launched a series of events under the heading ‘NIT Impact Sessions – Is Your Company Fit for the Future?’
The NIT has since made digitization one of its focal points.  Verena Fritzsche, the NIT’s CEO, has made a name for herself as a speaker, especially on the subject of Leadership 4.0. The NIT has contributed to this topic at numerous events, including the Hamburg Innovation Summit and

Digital Change Between Business and Research

In Fall 2016 the NIT set up its Digital Think Tank with the aim of creating awareness of and providing stimuli for digitization.

This Digital Think Tank then held the Hamburg Economic Dialog, a series of events aimed at small and midrange enterprises, dealing in depth with digitization-related issues. The dialog triggered an animated debate between attendees and representatives of research, business, startups, and politics.


Our quality management is oriented to the basic concept of continuous improvement. What makes out program special is that in addition to written evaluations we regularly hold personal feedback rounds with students. Additionally, the Management makes active use of the FIBAA accreditation program as a quality improvement instrument. The excellent positions of the NIT study programs in the CHE university ranking system confirm the unique and outstanding study conditions at the NIT.


To ensure high quality of teaching NIT students evaluate all courses. There are also regular surveys of new students, graduates, alumni, and cooperation partner companies. The findings are analyzed with the teaching staff in order to adjust contents or methods as required.


Class meetings with a fixed agenda are held regularly at the NIT. Elected class representatives, teaching assistants and tutors are student reps at the NIT. They are important student representatives and idea generators where opportunities for improvement of teaching, of the facilities or in quality management are concerned.


Study programs at the NIT are accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). The FIBAA is a European, internationally aligned agency for quality assurance and development in academic education. The courses are assessed for accreditation by qualified experts who also make recommendations on further development of the programs.


The NIT regularly takes part in the CHE university ranking process via the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The CHE ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed assessment of German universities, colleges and vocational academies and a soundly based source of information about study areas and courses for prospective students.



The NIT’s sole shareholder is the Trägerverein NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management e.V., founded in 1998 by around 40 professors at the Hamburg University of Technology.

It is represented by its three Board members. Their tasks include electing the members of the Supervisory Board.


The NIT’s Supervisory Board consists of representatives of science, research and business. It appoints and advises the CEO and monitors the company’s financial development.

The current chairman of the Supervisory Board is Rainer Schöndube.


A central element of NIT quality management is the NIT Expert Network, which is made up of representatives of companies and foundations.
The expert network discusses current trends and changes that should be incorporated into the NIT's educational offerings and makes recommendations for the further development of the content of studies and continuing education.