20 years of NIT - this was duly celebrated 

On June 29, 2018, we rolled out the blue carpet and celebrated our 20th anniversary together with partners, students and interested parties from business, science and politics. At 2 p.m., NIT President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff welcomed the more than 300 guests and opened the anniversary ceremony.

Afterwards Prof. Dr. Ed Brinksma, President of the TUHH congratulated the NIT with an opening speech and expressed his respect: "We are grateful and happy to have you as an enrichment of our university at our side!

"The idea of founding the NIT was not only extraordinary, it was brilliant."
Prof. Dr. Ed Brinksma

Journey through the last 20 years of NIT

To take a look into the past, NIT student Sebastian Reinecke invited important contemporary witnesses to the stage. As a representative of the Körber Foundation, CEO Dr. Lothar Dittmer illustrated the close relationship between his foundation and the NIT. It has been a great supporter of the private educational institution for years and has built the building and supported many projects. The first CEO of the NIT, Dr. Jörg Dräger, and the former president Prof. Wolfgang Bauhofer then reported on the beginnings of the NIT. With a great deal of persuasion and commitment, they succeeded in establishing the NIT 20 years ago.

Among the panel guests was the long-standing supporter and patron, Prof. Dr. h.c. Thomas J.C. Matzen, who particularly appreciates the intercultural environment and the many talents from all over the world at NIT. He said true to the motto of the day: "You can't describe the NIT - you have to experience it!". Alumna Dr.-Ing. Natasa Manojlovis from Class 2 told students about her time at NIT, which has significantly shaped her future and still has a deep connection with the NIT and fellow students today.

A glimpse into the future

Finally, the current CEO Verena Fritzsche, who brought a breath of fresh air to NIT five years ago, spoke. With the strategy project 'NIT 4.x', together with her team and various NIT partners, she developed a trend-setting direction for the private educational institute. In the future, the NIT wants to broaden its position and, in addition to the Master's degree in Technology Management, also offers lifelong learning workshops and process support for companies. "It is important to us not only to introduce students to the new developments but also to provide company employees with the right tools for digital change," says the CEO.

NIT announces Hauke Trinks Award and and inaugurates the foyer

Verena Fritzsche and Dr. Ole Trinks, son of NIT founding father Prof. Hauke Trinks, then announced the "Hauke Trinks Award". In future, the award will be awarded annually to outstanding theses by Bachelor graduates in recognition of the memory of Hauke Trinks. Another highlight of the ceremony was the official inauguration of the NIT foyer in honor of Prof. Dr. h.c. Thomas J.C. Matzen, whose lettering was ceremoniously unveiled.

Experience NIT in workshops and start-up pitches

Afterward, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff and Verena Fritzsche toasted the 20th anniversary with the popping of the champagne cork and opened the champagne reception. From 3.30 p.m. the guests had the opportunity to get to know the NIT better and to attend lectures or workshops. Partner universities and lecturers from business and science gave exciting lectures on digitization and new technologies in various themed rooms. Alumni and NIT students presented their start-ups and start-up ideas. The program was rounded off with the Design Thinking Space, where the guests became creative and designed their own products.

Foundation of commuNITy e.V.

At 5 p.m.Verena Fritzsche invited to the foundation of the commuNITy e.V., which is to support future student projects. 17 founding members signed the statutes and thus founded the association.

From 6 p.m. the day was duly celebrated at a common barbecue party. The evening ended with home-brewed beer from Campus Perle, cocktails and fire artists.

We thank our great NIT Community for all the kind and creative Anniversary Wishes!

"The Northern Institute of Technology Management was one of the first business schools in Germany in 1998, even the first in Hamburg and thus far ahead of its time! And to this day, the NIT successfully trains international students with special management skills and business management know-how. "Be the change" - according to this NIT motto I wish NIT another successful 20 years!"

Prof. Dr. Hendrik (Ed) Brinksma, President of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

"Harburg has developed into a strong location for business and science in recent years. The development of modern technologies plays a major role. The interaction between business and science is becoming increasingly important. The NIT is an example of this excellent combination of business and science.

Since 1998, the NIT has combined the fields of technology and management in a unique study system with excellent conditions for the training of future top executives. With well-coordinated training opportunities for industrial companies and projects such as the Digital Think Tank, founded in 2016, the NIT trains the technological leaders of tomorrow—and thus establishes Harburg as an innovation and industrial location beyond the borders of Germany."

Dierk Trispel, Deputy District Director Harburg
Dmitry Neckludov, Alumnus of the NIT, class 1

"It began like this: The first meeting was conducted between students of the NIT, the NIT administration, and lecturers in lecture room Audimax I. A foundation pit, where the NIT building would later stand, was observed by the jesting TUHH students: "This is the place where NIT students live."
Today the NIT celebrates 20 years of stable and reliable achievement.

"I congratulate the NIT: staff, students and alumni, founders, sponsors, and all people connected with the NIT. I learned a lot during my studies at the NIT which qualified me for a professional career, permanently surrounded by the constantly changing environments in my homeland—which has been enduring a transition period in the history of the state. A new type of economy has been developing—a market economy.

I wish the motivated NIT students, the hard-working alumni, and the committed employees and lecturers, many successful years in the future"

Plakat zum 20. Geburtstag des NIT

Andrew Toth, Class 14 Environmental Engineering consultant @Burns & McDonnell Engineering, Denver Colorado


577 students have studied at the NIT so far.


About 30 % of our students have been women.


Most of our students have come from Germany, Mexico, and China.


They've made it: In 2001 the first NIT Class graduated. The students spent two years studying for their degrees—a Master's in Technology Management at the NIT and an MSc at the TUHH. Click through the years.


The wall of the NIT foyer was designed by the Austrian concept artist Peter Friedl.


98% of our students completed their studies successfully.


Prof. Dr. Michael Rosemann from our flying faculty has the longest journey to the NIT. A flight from his home town Brisbane to Hamburg takes more than 20 hours.

"20 years of NIT - what an exciting journey. During this time, NIT has always oriented itself to current topics and trends. And we want to remain hungry for knowledge in the future and shape change with our students, partners, and friends. According to our motto: BE THE CHANGE"

Verena Fritzsche, CEO (2013-2020) NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management


The NIT has been known for international education and intercultural exchange. We maintain an active, international network with our students, alumni, lecturers and partners. So far, the NIT has been a home to students from 63 different countries.


The NIT building is 23 m high.


In 2017, the NIT residents used 1870 washing coins to wash their clothes.


Every year, the NIT Welcome Office accepts more than 1800 packages for its students.


To celebrate the anniversary, the NIT collects photos, artwork and videos. Send us your favorite photo from your time at NIT, a funny picture with the number 20 or a video message. We look forward to receiving your submissions at info@bitte nicht bespammennithh.de.


At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management we give talented people from all over the world the opportunity to develop their talents. Help us to realize our vision!


Not only the NIT has a reason to celebrate this year: The Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) is celebrating its 40th anniversary! We congratulate the TUHH and look forward to the anniversary celebrations.