28 Sep
Thursday, September 28, 2017

3rd Hamburg Economic Dialog



Topic: Digital Leadership - Opportunities, Visions and Everyday Life

In cooperation with DIVSI Deutsches Institut für Vertrauen und Sicherheit im Internet. Hosted by Bucerius Law School.

Everything is becoming digital and put into the network. The influence of the digitization increases and affects our everyday life, both professionally and personally. How shall we handle this challenge in our work environment? Do these new processes have an impact on the leading culture of top managers in Germany? What is the right way to get all stakeholder, including the chairmen, on board? And: What are the differences between the leading culture in a traditional company in contrast to a start-up? We will answer these and other questions during the 3rd Hamburg Economic Dialog.


6 p.m. doors open

6.30 p.m. welcome address by Verena Fritzsche, CEO of NIT, and Matthias Kammer, Director of DIVSI

6.45 p.m. short presentation by Dr. Markus Klimmer, author of the book "#DigitalLeadership"

7.05 p.m. panel discussion with:

  • Dr. Markus Klimmer, author of the book "#DigitalLeadership"
  • Dr. Johann Bizer, Director Dataport AöR
  • Doreen Nowotne, business consultant and supervisory board member of Jenoptik AG and Brenntag AG
  • Svenja Teichmann, founder and CEO of crowdmedia GmbH

8.30 p.m. Get Together


Hamburg Economic Dialog

With the NIT Digital ThinkTank, founded in November, NIT is organizing a range of workshops, talks and network events with the aim of bringing together actors, stakeholders and interested parties in the Digital Revolution. Once every three months NIT invites CEOs and entrepreneurs in the SME sector to the Hamburg Economic Dialog to discuss Industry 4.0, new fields of business and future fields of work. The goal is to create a stimulating exchange of ideas and views on issues important to the SME sector. Speakers from the worlds of business, science, politics and start-ups will provide input and inspiration.


Event language is German.

Thursday, September 28, 2017
6 p.m.
Bucerius Law School, Moot Court
Jungiusstraße 6
20355 Hamburg

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