29 Jun - 30 Jun
June 29 to June 30, 2019



2-days seminar in English. Visiting Prof. Dr. Fixson, Babson College, Massachusetts, USA.

“Almost all companies fail. And most of these failures occur at a young age. The survival rate of new ventures ranges between 40% and 95%–depending on how one defines failure.”

Three categories of potential failures will be explored during this seminar: marketing, finance, and people.

The course engages participants in discussions and exercises to explore the mechanisms through which key factors can lead to business failure in new business situations and investigate ways to mitigate the associated risks. Examples include start-ups and new businesses from a variety of industries.
The overarching goal of this course is to develop both an entrepreneurial mindset—which is useful for start-ups, existing businesses, and non-profit organizations—and a set of tools and methods to navigate the early and uncertain phases of any new business.

Participants will learn

  • how to integrate marketing and product development
  • how to understand financial requirements of a growing business
  • how to think about organizational behavior issues in the entrepreneurial context
  • how to analyze your own venture idea along these dimensions

Contact Person:

Susanne Bannuscher-Hansen
Manager of Programs & Student Affairs
s.bannuscher@bitte nicht bespammennithh.de
+49 40 42878 3569

June 29 to June 30, 2019
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (2-day seminar)
EUR 695
EUR 195 (NIT Alumni)
NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management
Kasernenstr. 12
TUHH Campus, Building F
20173 Hamburg

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