Tuesday, October 2, 2018

21 students from 14 countries - NIT Graduation of Class 18

They made it – 21 students of the NIT Class 18 received their Master's degree in the Audimax of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). NIT President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff and CEO Verena Fritzsche proudly presented them with the certificate. The graduates lived through two exciting and challenging years at the NIT. They successfully completed their Master's degree in Technology Management alongside their M.Sc. at the TUHH or their full-time job. Over 150 family members and friends from Barbados, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Serbia and the USA travelled to Hamburg for the ceremony.

The students proudly entered the TUHH Audimax and were welcomed by Verena Fritzsche and Prof. Dr. Hendrik Brinksma, President of the TUHH. Angela Titzrath, CEO of the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), also congratulated the graduating class. Boie Karstens, CEO of Kavo Produktions GmbH, congratulated the class on behalf of the NIT alumni.

The NIT then awarded the DAAD Prize to Class 18 student Alexander Kasinec from the USA, who was selected for his extraordinary commitment to the student body. He convinced the jury of NIT students and staff especially with his helpfulness, reliability and open-minded personality. The DAAD Prize comes with a cash prize of € 1,000 and is intended to give the over 355,000 foreign students in Germany a face.

Class 18 also surprised the NIT with a special gift: all leftover donations that were collected for the graduation party will be donated to the NIT's One-Of-Us Scholarship. This scholarship was initiated for the first time in 2016 and called on the NIT alumni to donate to a scholarship of a future student. Thanks to this support, Class 18 student Zhi-Kai Chong from Malaysia was able to complete his Master in Technology Management at NIT.

Afterwards, the NIT awarded the Hauke Trinks Prize for the first time. TUHH student Francesca Meyer won the first prize for her bachelor thesis on "Charakterisierung der Reaktionskinetik einer enzymkatalysierten Fettsäureproduktion". In addition, she received €1,000. The jury selected her outstanding thesis because of its high social relevance and Francesca's high level of commitment. Places 2 and 3 went to Lisa Christin Watter (TUHH) and Niels Röschmann (HAW). With the Hauke Trinks Award, the NIT honours its founding father and would like to draw young people's attention to the life and work of the former President of the TUHH.

In the NIT foyer, the guests rounded off the evening with the jazz band of Nikos Titokis and a champagne reception.

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