Friday, March 1, 2019


Since the end of the last millennium, we experienced how computers entered our lives. Companies and society have already achieved a lot through technological progress. But what does the future look like in times of digitalization? Companies have to look to the future and take precautions to remain competitive. But how does a company know if it is ready for change?

5 Signs that you are ready to tackle digital change:

  1. You have understood that digitization affects all industries 

  2. You want to fundamentally change yourself and your company, but do not know where to start

  3. You want to become a role model for your employees and motivate them to take new approaches with innovative methods

  4. You are open to new technologies and want to understand the extent of the changes brought about by digitization

  5. You are ready to try new things and challenge yourself

Finally you will be able to speak and get an insight into the phenomenon of digitalization. Our trainer Tobias Möller-Hahlbrock will introduce you to the topic and help you to make the right decisions in order to shape the digital change in your company in the workshop "Digitalization- One Day_Day One". At the end of the workshop you will develop your own ideas which you can already implement in your company.

Information about the workshop and registration can be found here.

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