Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Per tradition, the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management honors outstanding students by bestowing them with the Liebich Award during the yearly Advent Party. This year, four students enthusiastically accepted their award on Friday, the 6th of December. They were honored for their academic achievements and social commitment with the Dr. Ing. Dieter and Renate Liebich Foundation which is accompanied by a cash prize.

NIT Students also vote

For the selection of the winners this year, the votes were decisive. Adnan Abdulla securely placed first with the most nominations, closely followed by Nicholas Johnson and Lukas Gaats, who shared second place, and Nataliya Danchenko placing third. NIT staff members, Susanne Bannuscher-Hansen and Jana Maslonka, together with Dieter Podlech of the Liebich Foundation, presented the students with the awards. Unfortunately, Adnan Abdullah and Lukas Gaats were unable to accept their awards in person as both are currently abroad; however, they left video „thank-you“ messages played during the ceremony.

Afterwards, students, host families, lecturers, and employees of the NIT ended the evening by celebrating the Advent season with a meal of international food and mulled wine.

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