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P&G and the NIT have been working in close partnership for almost 10 years. The international company regularly awards scholarships to NIT students and also supports them in gaining their first professional experience during their studies. This year, Sailee Verneker from India was selected for the coveted scholarship.

Congratualions Sailee, you are a scholarship holder of the international company P&G. What does it mean for you, that P&G gives you this opportunity?

Thank you! It is one of the 'dream come true' moments for me and I am absolutely honoured to receive this scholarship. Of all those who applied, I was the one to be picked up by P&G; it tells me that I am seen as someone with potential for the future. Being associated with an international brand name like P&G is gratifying.

How was the application process to get this scholarship?

The process was really simple and Mr. Scheuner from NIT helped all throughout the process. I sent my CV and a statement of purpose for this scholarship to the admission office, which the NIT then forwarded to P&G for short-listing. I soon received a mail from P&G with all needed information about what application tests to complete online and in person in their Mumbai office. A set of final phone interviews with the German P&G team completed the process – the next day I received promptly the news about my awarded scholarship.

You already started the Master´s program in Technology Management at the NIT. What are your plans with your sponsor company P&G in future?

Currently I am looking forward to start my internship with them in the coming winter semester and I'll also be writing my thesis for the MA program with them. I recently visited the P&G plant in Euskirchen and I must say I am highly motivated with the work environment there. I am looking forward to take up opportunities to closely work with P&G team and get to know them better.

What do you like most at the NIT?

If I had to answer this question in one word, I would say its 'Community'. Here at NIT, we are not just another group of students studying together; but we see ourselves as 'one big international family'. Be it studying together for exams or be it celebrations, we do it as a team. All this is strengthened further by the ever supportive NIT management staff.

Would you recommend to apply for the NIT and the scholarship from P&G?

Yes, Definitely! Studying at NIT gives you the cutting edge over others. It helps bridge the gap between the technological and management skills. Surely, completing two degrees simultaneously is demanding but I would say it is all worth it.
Also, getting an opportunity to work with an international company through this scholarship is remarkable. The entire P&G team makes sure you are comfortable with them and really encourage you throughout the process.
To conclude, I would simply say do not miss the opportunity to study at NIT and get acquainted to the industry through the scholarship.

Carsten Luckert and Volker Weissenfels from P&G accompanied the selection process and were present at the scholarship hand-over in Euskirchen.

As a long-standing partner of the NIT, P&G regularly awards scholarships to NIT students. Why do you support these students and what do you appreciate about them?

P&G and the NIT enjoy a very successful long-year partnership– which has brought refreshing external perspectives to P&G and attracted top talents from NIT scholarships to work with and within our company.
We have learned that international and national students at NIT are driven to grow their skills and personality.  Further the learning environment at NIT encourages for team playing and a high degree of self-organization. The combination of an Engineering Master Degree and an MBA leads to a great skill set for managing the technical challenges of today and the future.  These skills and characteristics are the perfect match between the candidate and P&G.

What can a future scholarship holder expect from P&G? What will the cooperation look like?

One of our senior managers will be assigned to every scholar from the start and own the relationship for the full scholarship duration and beyond. The manager will facilitate and support the search for the right internship/thesis topic and provide guidance and mentoring advice when needed.

Depending on the interests of the student we have been offering topics in manufacturing, engineering or supply network design / logistics to the P&G scholars. While most of the internships / thesis topics are offered in Germany we also had been able to provide access to assignments in other P&G locations – like Brussels. For many NIT scholarship alumni a successful P&G scholarship transformed into a successful P&G career.

What should applicants bring with them?

The applicant needs to meet the P&G requirements for a potential hiring later on. This explains the level of due diligence invested into the selection process right from the beginning.  

Why did you choose Sailee Verneker?

Sailee met all P&G requirements, besides this, she came across as an enjoyable person to work with. We favored her positive and powerful personality and we have a deep respect for what she already succeeded in.

P&G awards further scholarships

P&G also wants to award another scholarship for the coming class and is looking for outstanding candidates who want to expand their technical skills with management knowledge. In particular, P&G is looking for students who want to study Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Management, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering or Microelectronics & Microsystems as a Double-Degree at the Hamburg University of Technology and are interested in production automation and optimization as well as measurement and control systems.

Which documents are required for the master´s program in Technology Management?

  • Application Form
  • CV
  • Bachelor's degree Certificate
  • Transcript of Records
  • Official explanation of the university grading system
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency
  • Statement of purpose
  • 2 Letters of recommendation
  • If applicable: Proof of work experience

Apply ASAP by sending your documents to: admissions@bitte nicht

Please find Information about the Master in Technology Management and application process here.

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