Monday, December 14, 2015

Best results

Martha Taboada and Michael Purwins win this year’s NIT Study Award. Sponsored by the Dr. Dieter and Renate Liebich-Stiftung, the prize rewards students with an outstanding academic performance. With a GPA of 1,6 NIT student Michael Purwins is top of his class, followed by Martha Taboada with a GPA of 1,7. The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros each.

NIT President Prof. Otto von Estorff and Dieter Podlech, represent of Dr. Dieter und Renate Liebich-Stiftung, presented the awards at the annual Advent Meeting on December 11, 2015 at NIT. In his speech von Estorff underlined the high motivation of the students and their big commitment: “It was head to head between the two of them, only one tiny point made the difference. Each of them achieved excellent grades in NIT’s first year of studies.” Michael Purwins studies in part-time while working for Hauni. A double workload that Purwins  masters splendidly. Martha Taboada has already been very successful in her bachelor’s degree, presenting the best grades in Chemical Engineering in her home country Colombia. She participates in NIT’s Double Degree Program, studying Technology Management at NIT and Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at Hamburg University of Technology at the same time. 

Every winter semester, NIT honors the best performers of the first year in the master’s program. The decisive factor is the overall average grade. Thanks to the kind support of the Dr. Dieter and Renate Liebich-Stiftung, it is possible that each prize includes a cash award.

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