Monday, April 29, 2019


Two intensive and interesting years are already behind the Class 18 master students from the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT). This time has shaped and welded the international group together. In September of this past year the time finally came. The students ceremoniously bid farewell in the Audimax of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and celebrated their successes. However, one special matter is still close to their hearts: giving something back.

Since unfortunately not all NIT students can be supported by industrial scholarships, NIT Alumni have launched a fundraising campaign: The One-of-Us Scholarship. Through a crowdfunding campaign, they appealed to other alumni and interested parties to donate funds, and two years ago, they reached an incredible sum of 22,000 euros.

Zhi-Kai Chong from Malaysia was the first One-of-Us scholarship holder. He recently completed a double master's degree in Technology Management at the NIT and in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at the TUHH. This is an impressive achievement, and Zhi Kai has been very grateful for this wonderful support: "I was very happy when I was accepted at NIT, but at the same time I was worried because I could not afford to study. When I was selected for the One-of-Us Scholarship, my heart fell out. This meant new opportunities for me and helped me to break out of my previous environment."

But Class 18 did not want to stop with one scholarship holder. With a generous donation, they supported the campaign and were able to give future students the opportunity to study Technology Management at NIT. However, the goal of another full scholarship has not yet been achieved. Please support this great campaign and give talented people the opportunity to prepare for the challenges ahead at NIT.

We would like to thank Class 18 for this great support!

You can find the donation campaign on

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