Sunday, July 12, 2020


In January, 2020, the #moinzukunft- Hamburger Klimafonds has agreed to support the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management in the "Accelerator Program Green Tech" project. The cooperation with the fund enables the NIT to promote the topic "Green Tech" and to support innovative projects of students.

#moinzukunft- Hamburg Climate Fund

The #moinzukunft- Hamburger Klimafonds is a funding program of the Hamburger Klimaschutzstiftung (HKS) and the Hamburg Department of Energy and Environment. The aim of the #moinzukunft- Hamburger Klimafonds is to initiate projects in Hamburg that promote environmental and climate protection. The #moinzukunft Hamburg Climate Fund aims to raise awareness of the effects of climate change by means of targeted information and educational approaches.

Green Tech Accelerator Program

The topics "climate and environmental protection" are to be promoted and expanded within the framework of the "Accelerator Program Green Tech" developed by the NIT. Support is to be provided for study projects and business ideas that deal with and promote sustainable technologies. NIT students will focus on green tech and the development of sustainable technologies in the modules "Self-development in a Digital Economy", "Leadership in Changing Environments", and "Digital Supply Chain". The support of the Hamburg Climate Protection Foundation not only ensures the quality of teaching, but also enables NIT students to further develop their own projects in the green tech sector.

These exciting projects--also in the area of green technologies--are developed over the course of the studies. Numerous innovative ideas and start-up companies have already emerged from these, such as Nüwiel, which has developed an electric, emission-free bicycle trailer. Another current success is the tech startup Evitado Technologies (previously Flugilo), which won the Hamburg Innovation Award 2019 for the best business idea with its aircraft parking system.

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