Tuesday, February 2, 2021


NIT student Adnan Abdullah has been awarded the DAAD Award 2020 for his exceptional commitment. Adnan was chosen by the jury, consisting of NIT students and staff, with a clear majority. Especially his helpfulness, reliability and his friendly and open-minded nature convinced the jury. The DAAD prize is awarded annually for outstanding achievements by foreign students at German universities and comes with prize money of 1,000 euros. Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony was held on a small scale.

About the winner

Adnan Abdullah comes from Yemen and is a Class 20 student in the International Master's Program in Technology Management. He started his double master studies at NIT in the winter semester 2018/19, combined with a M.Sc. in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at TUHH. He completed an internship at the Agency for Environment, Climate, Energy and Agricultural Economics and a three-month management internship at Airbus GmbH.

"I am very honored to have been selected for the DAAD award. This is a significant event in my life. Thank you to the NIT Family for valuing my work for the community. Many thanks also to the DAAD for the recognition ", Adnan is happy about winning the award. For the future, he plans to continue perfecting his German. He would like to continue living in Hamburg, as he now considers the city his home.

Social commitment and best academic performance

He is highly appreciated by his fellow students for his social commitment. Before the lockdown, he organized intercultural dinners, movie nights and sporting events. He also initiates study groups and supports his fellow students with questions about their studies. Both at the TUHH and at the NIT, he performs very well in his studies. The DAAD award recognizes his outstanding academic achievements, his professional experience in Germany and his social commitment at NIT.

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