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The Akanoo GmbH and the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management jointly offer workshops in the areas of "Customer Journey" and "Artificial Intelligence (AI)" and would like to help the market get answers to so many questions of digital change. The individual workshops enable companies and their employees to deal with digitalization and digital transformation.

In addition to the development of the technical basics, these workshops should also include the concrete application of Customer Journey Mapping and Artificial Intelligence. Verena Fritzsche, CEO of the NIT: "We want to make these important topics tangible and realizable - this is the only way to inspire companies to use them profitably in business practice". Over two days, groups of up to 15 people will work on the topics together. On the basis of agile methods, such as Rapid Innovation, the 2 days are designed to be as collaborative and interactive as possible. The first day takes place in a campus atmosphere, in the Design Thinking Room of the NIT. On the second day, the workshop will continue in special locations such as cafes, bars or above the roofs of Hamburg's metropolis. However, the workshops can also be held in any other city. Benjamin Ferreau, CEO and Managing Director of Akanoo GmbH: "We teach companies to actively deal with digital disruption and to transform it into their companies. Digital Disruption also requires the right atmosphere, which we create together with the NIT". In the end, the companies receive concrete recommendations for action and, for example, their individual Customer Journey Map in the area of Customer Journey. It should also be mentioned here that the Customer Journey Mapping is based on the specially designed Journey Model Canvas from Akanoo GmbH.

The NIT has been conducting practical workshops and management training for many years and has already made a name for itself in the market. Verena Fritzsche: "We are glad that Akanoo GmbH is strengthening us in the areas of Customer Journey and AI. With the experts all around Benjamin Ferreau we can round off our workshop offer with new topics. "Benjamin Ferreau adds: "We are also pleased to have such an established institute at our side, as the high standard is also very important to us. With Verena Fritzsche I have met and won an enthusiastic and goal-oriented cooperation partner. " The workshops will be offered immediately and the first enquiries will be scheduled.

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About Akanoo GmbH / Benjamin Ferreau

Since 2013, Akanoo has been one of the leading technology providers in the field of artificial intelligence, marketing and corporate strategy. As a Digital Tech-Agency, the range of services offered includes not only the provision of a unique algorithm based on the Machi-ne Learning method, but also the Digital UI / UX Campaign Creation & Development as well as consulting in all aspects of Customer Journey and Performance Optimization. With a specially developed workshop format, the Journey Model Canvas, active workshops are already being offered. With Benjamin Ferreau, a manager with both corporate and start-up experience took the helm in 2017. For nine years Benjamin worked for the second largest German print and media group in various positions, including Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions. In November 2017 he joined Akanoo GmbH as Managing Director & CEO. He is also the initiator of numerous projects such as the CJI (Customer Journey Index). In addition to these activities, he is also a lecturer at HAW Hamburg and Digital Marketing Speaker at Squared Online, Google.

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