Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Giacomo Carraro Wins DAAD Award 2016

Extraordinary commitment: This year’s DAAD Award goes to Giacomo Carraro, graduate of the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. The prize, worth €1,000, awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service, honours international students for their academic achievements and societal commitment. Carraro received the award during the NIT's graduation ceremony at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) last Friday. The laudation was held by Dr.-Ing. Stephan Scheuner, Admissions & Recruiting Manager at NIT.

The 25-years-old awardee has just completed his master’s program in technology management at NIT. He is also studying Environmental Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology. Giacomo Carraro from Italy has been chosen as the DAAD awardee due to his large number of nominations from classmates and colleagues. Many of his classmates think of him as the one who brought the class closer together. In the classroom, during group assignments and at the very popular pasta evenings, Giacomo Carraro built bridges between cultures and nations. He had a big impact on the community feeling of Class 16. One of his fellow-students wrote the following: "I am convinced that without Giacomo our, and particularly my, experience at the NIT would have been a lot different. He brought together many different people and I am sure that after graduation our class community will stick together as one – thanks to him."

In his laudatio Dr.-Ing. Stephan Scheuner also mentioned Carraro's active commitment for the environment and society. He is an active member of the Garten Deck, an initiative in favor of Urban Gardening in Hamburg, and he campaigns for Cambio, an initiative for human rights and protection of the environment. In the ImpactDock Hamburg he eagerly helped refugees to find work or to understand the German university system. "We are sure that Giacomo Carraro will always strive to change the world. To make it an even more fantastic place than it is already. And that’s why the jury believes he is truly worthy of the DAAD award", declared Scheuner the jury's choice.


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