Thursday, October 18, 2018

Host families wanted!

30 young students from all over the world have come to Hamburg to study for a Master's degree in Technology Management at the NIT. In order to give them a good start and to get to know German culture better, we are looking for people and host families who are interested in an international exchange and who would like to introduce young people to Germany and its customs.

Christmas is just around the corner: for many Germans, it is the best time of the year. For young NIT students, the dark season can awaken homesickness. Many of them are in Germany for the first time and know little about the local culture. In order to make it easier for students to get started in Germany and to familiarise them with traditions such as Christmas, the NIT would like to provide each individual with a godmother, a godfather or even an entire sponsoring family.

Thanks to the sponsorships, students build a stronger bond with Germany and feel more at home. The sponsors and the respective students meet regularly to pursue leisure activities that both enjoy, such as sailing, going to the theatre or playing games. The idea is to let the students take part in everyday family life and thus give them an insight into life in Germany. After their time in Germany, the students like to remember common experiences such as Advent tea, Christmas market visits or Easter concerts. Many NIT alumni and their sponsors keep in touch and cultivate deep friendships even years after completing their studies. 

Are you interested in becoming a host? Then get in touch with Ines Kulka:
ines.kulka@bitte nicht or +49 40 42878 4287

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