Friday, January 11, 2019


Do you lock your door when you leave your house or apartment? What is taken for granted in the offline world is often forgotten or neglected in everyday digital life: safeguarding our privacy. In addition, clever "digital burglars" always find new weak points and back doors through which they can "get in".

The latest data scandal show how dangerous cyber attacks can be and how fundamentally important IT security is today. After all, threats to the security of information and IT systems are increasing. The growth of networking within companies, between offices and production and beyond company boundaries offers hackers new attack possibilities.

One thing is certain: You are hacked or have already been hacked!

Not only governments, journalists or celebrities are digitally attacked; companies are also becoming the focus of hackers and increasingly see themselves as responsible for taking a professional stand against cyber attacks and data theft. In large companies, units are being set up to defend their IT systems in the best possible way and to detect and eliminate technical weaknesses in order to protect know-how and sensitive data. 

"Awareness of the digital dangers and adequate protection against them are decisive for the success of any company", 

Tobias Berger, IT consultant, entrepreneur and digital transformation designer. 

IT Security: Learn to protect yourself!

In order to sensitize entrepreneurs and executives to the new dangers, we have developed the two-day workshop "IT Security - Awareness and Methods of Protection from Digital Threats". In this workshop, IT consultant Tobias Berger draws attention to digital threats and explains how companies can protect themselves against them. The 2-day workshop is available on request for small groups.

The overview of IT security - also for "non-IT"-Pros

Even as a "non-IT"-pros, you will learn essential digital skills in this workshop in order to master the challenges and dangers of industry 4.0. You will gain insights into common attack scenarios and learn how to use encryption methods. In addition, you will discuss how the awareness of IT security in the company can be increased among employees. 

If you are interested in the IT Security workshop, please contact Susanne Bannuscher-Hansen!

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