Thursday, November 28, 2019


The NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, in cooperation with the associations of Nordmetall and AGV Nord, has designed a new set of digital, structural changes for several companies, entitled "Modulqualifizierung Digitale Strategie" (Module Qualification Digital Strategy). Several employees from three different companies took part in various interactive workshops spanning four unique modules. For several weeks, the participants convened in their respective companies and at the NIT to design “Work 4.0“, a combination of approaches to changing corporate culture and generating innovative business models. Between the workshops, the employees, in their respective companies, continued to work on innovative, new ideas.

During the modules "Business Model Innovation" and "Work 4.0 - Corporate Culture and Introduction", the employees continued working on their innovative ideas, while the NIT made important contributions and offered direction for the success of the series.

"We are delighted to be part of this successful program, which has already started the third round of the series just this year. The interdisciplinary character of the training is particularly successful. This character blurs the lines between different departments within a company, and encourages the employees of a given firm to establish new networks with different companies," says Verena Fritzsche, CEO of NIT.

The NIT took part in this initial series to explore the dimensions of digital, structural change and to allow participants a closer examination of the impacts of these change. The series also helped the participants understand the different elements of structural change through an exchange of ideas across companies and hierarchies.

Are you also looking for a positive change in your company? We can develop individual solutions for you:

This can be provided via intensive workshops lasting several days, summer schools, or even management trainings spread out over months. The trainings can take place in any number of creative environments at the NIT, e.g. in our Design Thinking room, or at your respective corporate offices. Thanks to our wide network, we provide you with the ideal trainer from business or science, who can assist your company to reform and/or streamline its entire process.

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