Wednesday, December 12, 2018


The NIT students Annelis Breed, Mirco Woidelko, Kyungjoo Park and Bechr Al Khateeb are the winners of the Liebich Award 2018. They were nominated, because of their outstanding academic achievements at the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management and the Hamburg University of Technology as well as their social commitment. The Award is funded by the Dr. Dieter und Renate Liebich Stiftung and comes with a cash prize for each winner.


Very good performance and social commitment are crucial

NIT's Director of Academic & Student Affairs Dr. Merle Emre handed over the official certificate at this year's NIT Advent Meeting on December 7, 2018. Dieter Podlech represented the Liebich Stiftung.

First place went to Annelis Breed, who convinced the selection committee with her excellent grade average of 1.3 at the NIT. She also received eight nominations from her fellow students. She is known to be a very committed class speeker, who provides great support for her classmates. Second place went to Mirco Woidelko with a grade average of 1.5 at the NIT. He received six nominations and is described as a "Mr. Organizer" because of his strong commitment to student activities. The third place is shared by Kyungjoo Park and Bechr Al Khateeb, who with a grade average of 1.6 and 1.8 also belong to the very good students of the class.


The Liebich Award

Every winter semester, the NIT awards the Liebich Award to those students who have shown excellent academic achievements in their first Master's year. The jury also includes social skills in the decision-making.

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