Friday, June 21, 2019


For the second time, the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management has declared the winner of the "Hauke Trinks Award". During the annual summer barbeque, the winners of this prestigious award were announced. The coveted first place went to Marius Block, a student at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), for his bachelor thesis on the classification and presentation of lipid structures. Second place went to Marcel Otte and third place to Kristina Wolff, both of whom also studied at the HAW.

With the Hauke Trinks Prize, the NIT honors the reputation of its founding father and seeks to draw the attention of young people to the life and work of the former president of the TUHH. The award was aimed at undergraduate students from universities in the Hamburg region studying a STEM field. Basic requirements for this esteemed award include an outstanding thesis performance, a high degree of scientific curiosity, and the pursuit of an original and interdisciplinary approach to gaining scientific knowledge.

Marius Block won for his bachelor thesis on the "Classification of Lipid Structures by Natural Language Processing". In addition, he received a prize of 1,000 euros. Marius, a student of biotechnology, won over the jury with the interdisciplinary approach he employed, which blended chemistry, biology, and engineering as well as computer science and linguistics. In addition, his work has a high societal relevance, as lipids are becoming increasingly important in medical research.

Marius' Professor Dr. med. Ing. Gerwald Lichtenberg, Professor of Physics & Control Systems at the HAW, drew his attention to the Hauke Trinks Award competition: "Mr. Block is an exceptional student with exceptional cognitive abilities, a quick grasp of complex relationships, and the courage to pursue alternative methods, the skills Hauke Trinks always searches for."

Mr. Block's research made a significant contribution to the evaluation and research of lipids and to the development of an original high quality approach. "I had the good fortune to be able to work with the University of Hamburg, in particular my second expert, Prof. Andrew Torda, helped me with the modeling of the data and gave me important insights for the translation of lipid molecules." Currently, Marius Block works as a lecturer for computer science at the HAW, but imagines his interest in data science leading him to self-employment in the future.


About the NIT

At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, talents from all over the world learn how to take on management responsibilities. While studying a master's program in Technology Management (M.A./MBA) at the NIT students can additionally study an M.Sc. in engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH), thereby, completing a double master's. The NIT was founded in 1998 by 40 professors at the TUHH as a non-profit GmbH. The NIT is financially supported by various foundations and companies and is located on the TUHH campus in the South of Hamburg.


Photo (from left to right):

Verena Fritzsche (CEO of NIT), Marcel Otte, Marius Block, Kristina Jasmin Wolff, Wolfgang Höll (Admissions & Company Relations Manager NIT)

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