Friday, April 28, 2017

Master@IBM: IT Meets NIT

IBM and the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management enable students to acquire and apply management competence. Every year the technology giant IBM offers attractive entry-level employment opportunities that can be combined with a technology management study program at the NIT. Jannes Mingram has been studying for the Master@IBM program since October 2015. During the week he spends his working hours upgrading an aviation company’s website. In the evening and on the weekend he learns at the NIT everything he needs for performing responsible management tasks.

Jannes studied for his Bachelor’s degree in a dual or two-part program, also with IBM, at the DHBW in Stuttgart. “It was an exciting time,” the NIT student recalls. He spent part of the time getting to know many IBM locations, including Zurich, while at the same time studying applied informatics. Working and studying in parallel was a model he was keen to retain in his further studies.

Studying at the NIT, he says, is probably more demanding than at other universities, but the quality is so much higher. For Jannes it is an ambitious task and one that he took on deliberately. “I love a challenge. That was one of the reasons why I opted for an in-service master’s program.” He is still convinced it was the right decision.” He finds the management and leadership courses particularly interesting and is able to put what he has learned straight into practice at IBM. “I don’t need to go into the technical depths of IT. For me the application is more important in its overall context,” IBMer Mingram says.

At IBM in Hamburg, Jannes is in charge of various changes to the corporate website of a large aviation company. “Especially in discussions with customers I can already put to use much of what I am studying, such as communication and conflict management. The International Management course has also proven most useful.” He can only recommend the Master@IBM program to others: “IBM is a cool company with a dynamic working atmosphere. Everybody there wants to get things moving.”

About Master@IBM


Master@IBM addresses ambitious bachelor graduates who want to start their career and qualify at the same time for leading and expert positions. Required is a good degree in a discipline with focus on IT and very good English language skills.The Master@IBM program enables you to study for a master's degree alongside work. As a rule you will study for four semesters at NIT. At the same time you will be working 3 to 4 days per week (60-80%) in an IBM department where you can put your theoretical knowledge straight into practice. Along with responsible tasks and fixed remuneration IBM offers to pay your tuition fees in full, to provide in-house IBM training, to enable you to gain certification in different specialized areas, and to support you in your further career planning.

Current job offer: IT Consulting for Software Development Projects

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