Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Meet Peili Li, a student from Class 18!

Hi Peili, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, everyone, I am Peili, a NIT student from class 18. And since August I moved to Munich to do my NIT master´s thesis with Infineon Technologies AG.

Wow, you couldn´t go any further from Hamburg and stay in Germany. Why did you decide to go to Munich? 

At the very beginning, when I received this offer from Munich, honestly I struggled for some time to make the decision. Hamburg is my comfort zone, I feel very comfortable after living there for almost two years. But I have always had the Fernweh, instead of Heimweh, so I am always longing to explore new places and get to know new people and culture. That is one of the most important reasons I came abroad to study. Besides, Munich is a very different city from Hamburg, and it is the technology center of Germany. So finally I decided to move to this new place and it turned out to be great experience there.

What is you master´s thesis about? And how did the master´s program at NIT help you to do this?

My thesis topic currently is about product marketing in semiconductor field, which I find very interesting. For one thing, it is much related to my NIT study, for example, market analysis, Go-to-Market strategy, sales, supply chain management etc. These hand-on experience has helped me to connect the dots that I have collected during the NIT study in the past two years. For another, my work here has a synergy with my study background of electronics at TUHH. Since the products in current company are mainly semiconductor products which fits my technical background very well. For this great opportunity, I sincerely appreciate the NIT study, a customized technology management program for engineers, which has opened a door for me and shaped my career plan.

Besides, the team I am working with is very supportive. It is a very international group with people from six different counties. Each of them has their unique background and is very willing to share their experiences and knowledge. I feel very comfortable to work with such an international team, for which I am very thankful for the experience in NIT, where all of us are exposed to a very diverse group during our study and developed a very open mindset. 

What are you doing in your free time?

Apart from working, I have also travel a lot and enjoyed the beautiful landscape in Bavaria. The Königssee and Neuschwanstein Castle near Munich are so beautiful that you can never miss when coming to Munich. Besides, I have been to Austria and France which are also not far from here. Not to forget Europa-park, the biggest amusement park, so much fun and laugh with friends there.

Do you have a motto?

The experience has been so great here, and it has confirmed my belief that, “You never know where life will bring to, keep trying and working hard.”

What´s your future like?

For my future plan, I think the door is wide open and I am open-minded to go to different places, maybe Europe, North America, or Asian. My technical background from TUHH and management experience from NIT has enable me to have a wider choice toward my future career and it is also a great advantage that most engineering students do not have.

Last question, what did you enjoy the most at the NIT?

And I am so grateful for having been a member of the NIT community. It has been the most enjoyable part to study and party with my NIT class there, the awesome people, talented geeks, interesting souls. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience to my life.

So if you want to achieve more apart from your technical study, if you want to broaden your future career path, if you want to meet people as motivated, talented and ambitious as you, NIT is the perfect choice.

Thank you Peili, for this interview. We wish you all the best for your master´s thesis and future!

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