Thursday, April 6, 2017

New Design Thinking room at NIT

More space for creativity: In the new Design Thinking room at NIT lego bricks lie next to crisps and people are writing on walls. With haptic techniques, the innovation method Design Thinking inspires to create new business models and products. Yesterday, the room was officially initiated with a workshop, lead by Prof. Christoph Ihl, head of the institute for entrepreneurship at Hamburg University of Technology. About 15 guests from science, start-ups, education and industry worked together to solve complex problems like IT security and connectivity.

Time for a new perspective

In Design Thinking, entrepreneurs switch into their customers' role, develop prototypes and have them tested. Materials such as toy blocks, figures and modeling clay satisfy the play instinct and light creativity. At the NIT, 65 square meters invite you and your team to try and error. Be as creative as you can be. The furniture is no obstacle as all the tables, whiteboards, chairs and side boards can be moved. Rent the room with or without a Design Thinking trainer.

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