Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Verena Fritzsche and Susan Friedrich, CEO of Interessenvereinigung Mittelständische Wirtschaft, officially signed the cooperative agreement.

Live networking: IMW sees itself as an energetic supporter of and mouthpiece for medium-sized businesses. Thanks to IMW's partnerships with educational (generally science-centered) institutions, IMW's networking techniques also include the transfer of professional know-how, such as managerial strategies and insights into future topics. The cooperation with the NIT is therefore an additional enrichment of the IMW entrepreneur network. Both partners provide impetus and pursue the goal of strengthening entrepreneurship in Germany.

The NIT prepares students and managers to shape a digital future. At the renowned private institute of higher education in Hamburg, talents from all over the world work towards a Master's degree in Technology Management, acquiring the necessary tools to take on national and global management tasks in the fields of technology and sustainability. Some IMW members are NIT alumni. Cooperation with these organizations and associations enriches the NIT's knowledge over a range of topics, while simultaneously benefiting the industry-partners from the university's scientific input.

IMW's Hanse office, based in Hamburg and headed by Imke Wolf-Doettinchem and Ines Kulka, is responsible for the Alumni & Customer Relations branch at the NIT and will coordinate the cooperation between the two institutions. The NIT also participates as a partner of the event series Mittelstandsforum Hanse.

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