Thursday, November 16, 2017

NIT and TUHH fight blood cancer

Joint TUHH-NIT Stem Cell Donor Typing Campaign: The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management are making common cause against leukemia. On November 23, students and university employees can register as stem cell donors at the Student Learning and Communication Center (LuK). It will only take ten minutes.

Why support the German Bone Marrow Donor Agency (DKMS) in this way?

Every 16 minutes somebody in Germany is diagnosed with leukemia, or blood cancer. For many patients a stem cell donation is the only hope of a cure. One patient in five fails to find a donor. Since 1991 the DKMS's vision has been to defeat leukemia. The TUHH and the NIT support the DKMS and offer all students and staff an opportunity to register swiftly and easily as a blood marrow donor.

Get registered

On Thursday, November 23, all TUHH and NIT students and staff are welcome to visit the LuK in Building A for advice and to register as donors. A sample of saliva is taken from everybody with a cotton bud. The findings of the swab test are stored in a file and made available anonymously for the global patient search. An important point for international students to note is that registration is restricted to donors who will be in Germany for at least a further 18 months. 

The campaign is supported by AIAS - Students Against Leukemia. AIAS is a voluntary, nonprofit student society that provides information about leukemia at universities and helps to enable stem cell donors to volunteer on university campuses.

Volunteers are still required and are most welcome to lend a hand. Feel free to contact alina.gruhn@bitte nicht

For more information on the registration process, blood cancer and stemm cell donations visit

DKMS registration

November 23, 2017, 10 am to 2 pm

TUHH Building A, LuK

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