Tuesday, October 6, 2020


In October 2020, Dr. Tina Ladwig took over the leadership of the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. In this position she succeeds Verena Fritzsche, who headed the NIT from 2013 to June 2020. Prior to this, Ladwig was the personal advisor for the strategic development of teaching and learning in digital times at the Hamburg University of Technology as well as the team leader of the Hamburg Open Online University (project "HOOU@TUHH").

"Change and upheaval, volatility and social transformation – only by means of education can we really prepare the society of tomorrow for all these topics. At the NIT, I can expect the very environment that I would like to help shape - a national and international network of experts and a dedicated team that works towards making a special contribution to these challenges", says Ladwig.

 "We are delighted to welcome Dr. Tina Ladwig as our new CEO, who is highly experienced working in an University environment, and we are sure that she will enrich the NIT with exciting impulses from a strategic and cultural perspective", states NIT President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff in welcoming the decision.

Focus on lifelong learning offers

At the NIT Tina Ladwig will, in addition to intensifying the cooperation with the TUHH, especially advance efforts to develop and provide lifelong learning offers. Because: technological change and the associated social transformation should also be actively shaped in the educational context. Therefore, one of Ladwig's focal points is the strategic development of academic further education opportunities. New technologies also need employees who can handle them and a corporate culture that enables change. This is precisely where the NIT would like to make a valuable contribution.
This continues the path of the previous managing director Verena Fritzsche, who established the company in recent years as an educational institute for designers of digital change. > Get to the follow-up report on Verena Fritzsche's time at the NIT here.

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