Thursday, October 25, 2018

NIT Class 20: 30 students from 12 nations

30 students have started their Master's degree in Technology Management at the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management.

Once again, the new class proves the international orientation of the NIT. It consists of eight German, five Mexican, four Indian, four Colombian, two Brazilian, one Russian, one Chinese, one Nigerian, one Yemeni, one US and one Taiwanese students. For the first time, a student from Nicaragua has also enrolled, which means that students from 65 nations have already begun their master's studies at the NIT.

In addition to the nationalities, the age of 22 to 35 years of the students is also broadly mixed. The proportion of women is more than one third.  More than half of the class has also moved into an apartment in the NIT building on the premises of the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH). On the welcome evening, the fellow students got to know each other and some of them ate their first German dinner.

25 Class 20 students are also enrolled at the TUHH and complete two Master's programs at the same time. This year's most popular TUHH courses are "Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering", followed by "Environmental Engineering", "Microelectronics and Microsystems" and "Mechatronics". The remaining five class members study alongside their profession or other commitments.

We wish our new students every success in their master studies at NIT!

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