Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NIT graduate receives Oceans Award

The former NIT student Daniel-André Dücker and his research group won a university competition to mark the Oceans and Seas Year of Science.  The project “Ready to Swarm! Autonomous Diving Robots in a Fleet Network” was submitted by Prof. Edwin Kreuzer and the PhD students Daniel-André Dücker, Eugen Solowjow and Axel Hackbarth of the TUHH Institute of Mechanics and Ocean Engineering. Fifteen projects were submitted by young research scientists and research group each won €10,000 in prize money.

Underwater robots as a do-it-yourself project

Accidents regularly occur on the high seas in which hazardous substances escape and spread under water. To find out how they spread, you need to go under water, which is best done with a swarm of autonomous underwater robots, or AURs. In order to make underwater exploration with robots accessible for the layperson and thereby to fulfill the communication competition’s main requirement, as indicated by its subtitle Show Us Your Research, the TUHH team is developing a fleet of small AURs. All design data, instructions and software are to be made available to the public on an Internet platform so that anyone who is interested can join in the underwater exploration with robots of his or her own. In workshops the maker community is to be brought together with school classes to arouse fascination with underwater exploration. Competitions in which AURs are steered by the participants themselves are to generate awareness of the special nature of the challenge.

For further information and a blog in which the TUHH team will update project progress, visit www.hochschulwettbewerb.net.

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