Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NIT Graduation: 28 Students, 8 Countries

On Friday 28 engineers received their Master certificates in technology management at a festive graduation ceremony at NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. Official speakers were Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, Prof. Otto von Estorff, president of NIT and Verena Fritzsche, CEO of NIT. 150 guests celebrated the students' success in the auditorium of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

The graduates spent two years working toward this moment. High potentials from eight countries completed the challenging NIT program alongside their master’s course at the Hamburg University of Technology for their work. With an extensive expertise in management and technology NIT students are prepared optimally for an international career in executive management. NIT CEO Verena Fritzsche welcomed the graduates and their numerous guests cordially and looked back to her own graduation: "I can only imagine how you feel today. Back then, sitting in that huge church, I felt proud of my achievement and nervous about what might come afterwards. For me, that is - what makes life this exciting: You never know what happens next. But please, dear Class 16, be brave, don’t worry too much – and don’t let anyone discourage you from what you believe in."

Guest of honor Michael Eggenschwiler congratulated and noted the NIT qualifications's high value for economy. "You are leading by example for the engineering hub here in Hamburg, just as you will be expected to lead in your companies." He also stressed the importance to deal with time and find a balance. "During the program you probably got a new feeling about time. All of you have worked extremely hard. I am very sure that you learned how to use time more efficiently because you had to balance your job, your family and your MBA program. I can assure you that these special skills are perhaps even more important than your knowledge you received through the program courses."

Along with the presentation of their degree certificates a further highlight was the presentation of this year’s DAAD award for outstanding achievements by international students. The winner, Giacomo Carraro from Italy, won this accolade in recognition of both his outstanding grades and his extraordinary commitment on behalf of the student community and the environment.

The ceremony ended with music performed by the NIT students. While leaving the auditorium they were singing "We Will Rock You". After the official proceedings the guests let the evening draw to a close in the NIT foyer, raising their glasses to the successful academics, who threw their mortarboards into the air for a succession of photographs. 

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