Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NIT Graduation: 35 Students, 8 Countries

They’ve made it! Wearing gowns and mortarboards, the 35 Class 17 students were on Friday presented with their master’s degree certificates by the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. Around 180 guests celebrated the graduation with the students in the main lecture theater of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). International graduates’ families were in Hamburg from countries as far afield as Mexico, India, Singapore and Colombia for this special occasion. The students spent two years studying for their degrees – a master’s in technology management at the NIT along with an MSc at the TUHH – or in their professions. With a wide-ranging fund of knowledge in business and technology they are now optimally prepared for executive positions or business startups. The evening’s guest of honor and keynote speaker was Hans-Georg Frey, CEO of Jungheinrich AG.

CEO advises students to take on more responsibility

Accompanied by the NIT’s band Viva la Vida and by thunderous applause, the graduates strode into the auditorium, where they were welcomed by Prof. Otto von Estorff, President of the NIT, and Prof. Garabed Antranikian, President of the TUHH. Guest speaker and Jungheinrich CEO Hans-Georg Frey congratulated the students on their success. In his speech he underscored the value of acting responsibly. From the outset of his career he had always made business decisions as though he himself owned the company.

Kumar Sourav receives the 2017 DAAD Prize

In addition to the presentation of degree certificates another highlight of the proceedings was the presentation of the DAAD Prize. Kumar Sourav from India was awarded the prize for his exceptional commitment within the student community. His readiness to help, his reliability and his enormous progress in learning German delighted a jury of NIT students and staff. The prize, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), comes with €1,000 in cash. Its aim is to give a face to the more than 355,000 international students in Germany.

A star that bears your name

This year saw the NIT staff honored with a very special present. As a token of their gratitude for the support they had received the Class 17 graduates had a star renamed. According to the product-portfolio matrix that the students had learnt in their business studies there are four stages in the product life cycle: question marks, stars, cash cows and poor dogs. The stars are innovative products with a high potential. That is how the students rate the NIT and that is why they had the star Arcturus renamed NIT-HH-C17.

After the official proceedings the guests celebrated into the evening in the NIT foyer, toasting the successful academics, who threw their mortarboards sky-high for a succession of photos.

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