Thursday, March 4, 2021


We are pleased to award the NIT Innovation Scholarship to outstanding students again this year. The goal of the €7,000 scholarship is to support students with an innovative mindset, a high level of social responsibility and the best academic performance.

This year, Class 22 student Constantin Wagner prevailed and thus received the Innovation Scholarship. "Congratulations to Constantin Wagner for winning the NIT Innovation Scholarship. With his background in engineering solutions modeling and his work in innovation management at tesa SE, he not only demonstrates an inquisitive and innovative mindset, but is also moving towards entrepreneurship with his own 3D printing solutions startup. ", NIT Admissions Manager Wolfgang Höll explains the decision.

We had the opportunity to talk to Constantin about innovation:

Congratulations on winning the NIT Innovation Scholarship 2020. Describe your (professional) relation to the topic of innovation....

Thank you. I would also like to express my sincere thanks here once again for the generous funding. I originally come from an artistic background and completed a "Diploma in Arts and Design" after graduating from high school. I then did my bachelor's degree in "Modelmaking". I specialized in rapid prototyping and product design. It has always been important to me to understand and improve products in order to solve problems for and with people. My direct connection to innovation comes, for example, through the use of technologies like 3D printing - which speeds up the problem-solving process.

What industries do you think will see the biggest innovations in the next 10 years?

Very interesting question... I wouldn't maybe pinpoint it to individual industries at all. At the moment, many are changing the way they look at a wide variety of things in terms of their sustainability. In other words, people with a wide range of talents are suddenly starting to recognize problems and actively think about them - possibly even solving them.  For me, approaches like "upcycling" therefore sound very promising.

Thank you, Constantin, for your insights on the topic of innovation and all the best for your professional and private life.

Apply now for the NIT Innovation Scholarship

Every year, the NIT awards the Innovation Scholarship to particularly talented students who apply for the master's program at the NIT. Interested applicants for the scholarship should convince the selection committee by describing their suitability in the "Statement of Purpose" as part of the application for the master's program.

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