Tuesday, July 18, 2017

NIT Master’s Degree Reaccredited

The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) and the German Accreditation Council (AR) have reaccredited the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management’s master’s program in Technology Management. Until September 2020 the program, offered both part-time and as a double-degree package, continues to bear both the FIBAA and the AR seal of approval.

FIBAA, which is responsible for assessing degree programs with an economic, legal or social science orientation, took a detailed look at the NIT’s study offering. An evaluation commission consisting of university professors, representatives of industry, and students came to the conclusion that the NIT fulfills and in many areas exceeds the required quality standards.

The students’ above-average foreign language competence and internationality were praised. “The course of study is impressively international in alignment and does full justice to its own exacting claim to internationality. It effectively promotes the employability of its graduates, including by using no other language than English in all areas,” the Commission concluded.

The large number of qualified guest lecturers and the extensive support for students provided by the teaching staff were highlighted. “Due to small group sizes with a maximum annual intake of 35 students,” the appraisal notes, “the teaching staff are available to answer queries at any time during lectures. Dialog between students and teaching staff is explicitly required and promoted, with the result that the subject matter to be learned is memorized much faster and more intensively.”

In Germany the university accreditation system is not organized centrally. Study programs are certified with the aid of subject-related accreditation agencies approved by the Accreditation Council Foundation. The main aim of this system is to assure the quality of teaching and study by introducing standards and to ensure the international comparability of university degrees.


FIBAA - Foundation for international Business Administration Accreditation

The FIBAA seal of quality is awarded to universities and for study programs around the world for their outstanding achievements. In its work the FIBAA observes national and international standards, fulfilling in particular the requirements of the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG). Study programs accredited by FIBAA comply with the European Quality Framework and conform to the Bologna Process. 

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