Wednesday, December 19, 2018


This year, the NIT received a donation of €3,000 from the Haspa LotterieSparen. This money is supposed to benefit the students. The NIT plans to carry out maintenance measures in the student apartments in the NIT building. Haspa invited the NIT to an official handover on December 18th. Tatjana Färber, Campus Manager at NIT, happily accepted the check from Andreas Römer, Regionalleiter Harburg, at Channel Riverside.

In addition to seminar rooms, which are mainly used for Master's courses in Technology Management, the NIT also accommodates 65 students living in single or double room apartments. For 17 years, students have been studying and living on the third, fourth and fifth floors of the NIT building. After this long time, some apartments are needing some maintenance. The NIT now wants to use the generous donation of the Haspa for this purpose. "In many apartments there are some shortcomings. And the rooms could use some sprucing up," says Tatjana Färber, who is responsible for renting out the apartments. "The students not only spend their studying hours at the NIT, but also holidays like Christmas. Therefore we want to make them feel at home here."

Haspa LotterieSparen

Haspa lottery savers buy one or more tickets per month. Tickets cost five euros each. Four euros are saved, 75 cents is the price of the lottery ticket and 25 cents goes to a good cause. More than 500 clubs and institutions in and around Hamburg have benefited from donations this year. Kindergartens, facilities for senior citizens, school societies, sport clubs and many other local projects benefit from LotterieSparen funding. Anyone who is interested can "lottery save" at any branch of the Haspa savings bank or online at For more about Haspa's social commitment visit

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