Thursday, January 21, 2021


Traditionally, NIT honors outstanding students with the Liebich Award at the Advent Meeting. At the end of last year, three students had the pleasure of receiving their award - this time during a virtual Advent Meeting. They were rewarded for their outstanding academic achievements as well as their social commitment to the community by the Dr. Dieter and Renate Liebich Foundation with a cash prize. The votes of their fellow students are crucial in deciding which students are particularly deserving of the award through their commitment. This year, Milena Rösch secured first place with the most nominations, closely followed by Ibraheem Mohamed and Raghuram Satish in second place.

Always committed to the commuNITy

The first winner impressed the jury with her multifaceted commitment: "In addition to her fantastic GPA of 1.4 in her first academic year at NIT, Milena shows great commitment by helping her classmates learn German and introducing them to German culture and customs. She is also involved in social and volunteer projects," said Lydia Buchholz from NIT about the decision. Milena expressed her gratitude for the award: "I would like to thank Dr. Dieter and Renate Liebich very much for the award. I have been volunteering for years, but it was very touching to learn that my international friends also credit me for helping them settle in and learn German. I am looking forward to the second and final year of my studies and I am convinced that as a Class we will make the best of the current situation - to successfully complete our studies and continue to build strong bonds with each other."

The second award goes to Ibraheem Mohamed, who was recognized for his support of the NIT community. His classmates described him as an "honest, dedicated and kind-hearted person who treats everyone with an open mind."
"The Liebich Award not only rewards academic achievement, but it also depends on the applicant's community involvement, which motivated me to apply after receiving a recommendation from my classmate. I thank the foundation for their encouragement and the award. This is very important to support the friendly family culture that is always present at NIT," Ibraheem expresses his gratitude to the community.

Another second prize goes to Raghuram Satish. His fellow students appreciate him as a "very proactive and energetic person who takes the concerns of his class seriously and is always ready to help." Raghuram is pleased with the recognition and thanks his class, "The main reason I applied was because I felt I did an important job as class president and supported my classmates whenever I could, and I hope I can continue to contribute a lot to the NIT community. To be honest, I never expected this when I left India for Germany, and I am overwhelmed by the reaction of my classmates.

We sincerely congratulate the winners on the Liebich Award 2020 and thank them so much for their great commitment and dedication to the commuNITy. Sincere thanks also go to the Dr. Dieter and Renate Liebich Foundation, who have supported the NIT as a long-standing partner and provided the prize money for the Liebich Award.

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