Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sixth Hamburg Economic Dialog

Blockchain - the future basis of our economy and society? Experts, managing directors and interested parties discussed this question on 11 September at the 6th Hamburg Economic Dialog at the headquarters of the semiconductor manufacturer NXP. In the past, the blockchain has become a household name especially in connection with the Bitcoin, but the fields of application extend far beyond the financial sector. Companies, politicians and researchers are already looking for ways to automate and simplify processes.

Christopher Nigischer, an external consultant at NXP and managing director of the IT company consider it, is working intensively on the blockchain and introduced the round to the complex topic. With his company, he offers solutions that are handled via the blockchain and already sees the opportunities that this new technology brings with it.

Nigischer presents an example from industry: a 3D printer that uses a robot arm to produce a key fob. The license to print the product is created via a blockchain. In the SAMPL (Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform) project, Nigischer is therefore working on the creation of a secure data transaction platform for the worldwide processing and control of digital print jobs.

Florian Fiedler, founder of Blockbay, also sees the potential that the Blockchain brings with it. Currently, the technology is mainly used in the financial sector, but he believes that complex industrial processes can be simplified by the blockchain. Many transactions could already run in the background in 10 years.

The blockchain is also well known in science. Senior engineer Dr. Johannes Hinkeldeyn at the Institute for Technical Logistics at the TUHH sees the potential above all in the symbiosis of the physical and digital worlds. In order to master these challenges, he advocates forming a network that brings different experts together.

Carsten Ovens, Member of Parliament and spokesman for science and the digital economy, also aims to establish Hamburg as the "home port for digital innovations" worldwide and has the vision of creating a platform for experts to exchange knowledge and drive innovation forward.

This was followed by a lively discussion among the guests of the Hamburg Economic Dialog, during which the topics of data backup and existing use cases from business and industry were also addressed.

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