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Our master's degree program in technology management combines technical and scientific knowledge with the latest strategies in innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the unique learning concept at the NIT, students learn via hands-on projects, independent work loads, and team exercises.

Applicants can apply for numerous scholarships, including industrial scholarships for double master’s students with our renowned partner companies such as nXP, Procter & Gamble, and ArcelorMittal. In addition, there are exciting sponsorship opportunities for MBA students, such as the Master@IBM program, as well as various opportunities to receive varying levels of support for committed and high-performing applicants.

Scholarships for Students of the Double Master's Program

Industrial Scholarship from Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble and the NIT have enjoyed a close partnership for over 10 years. The internationally successful company regularly awards scholarships to NIT students and supports them in gaining professional experience during their studies. > for more information

NXP Promotes Double Master’s Students
For several years NXP has been awarding scholarships to outstanding students. NXP seeks to support young talent to expand their technical knowledge and management skills. > for more information

ArcelorMittal Awards Scholarship
The international steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal supports double master’s students who are completing an M.Sc. at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and an M.A. in Technology Management at the NIT. > for more information

Scholarships Specifically for MBA & MA students

Work and study with the Master@IBM program.
The "Master@IBM" program is aimed at ambitious graduating bachelor students who want to start their career (part-time) and qualify for specialist and management positions at the same time as a Master in Technology Management (M.A. or MBA). The prerequisites are an excellent bachelor's GPA in an IT-related background and excellent English language skills. > for more information 

Advancing Innovations with the NIT Innovation Scholarship
The NIT Innovation Scholarship is awarded directly by the NIT. Students who have an innovative mindset, a high degree of social responsibility, and excellent academic performance are supported with this scholarship. > for more information

CommuNITy e.V. Scholarship for Social Commitment
With this partial scholarship, the NIT-Förderverein commuNITy e.V. (NIT Community Involvement Organization) would like to support students who have been consistently involved in social justice and leadership issues and would like to continue this into the future. > for more information

Scholarships for all Prospective Students

For more sustainability: The Green Tech Scholarship
In cooperation with the NIT, the Rotary Club Hamburg-Harburg will award the “Green Tech Scholarship”. This is designed for NIT students who want to realize an innovative business idea in the area of green technology. > for more information

DAAD scholarship for Living Expenses
International students who do not have a full scholarship from an industry can apply for a DAAD grant for living expenses. The living subsidy covers the majority of the rental costs for a single apartment at the NIT.

For incoming talent: The Claussen Simon Scholarship
The Claussen Simon Foundation awards scholarships to talented students with outstanding academic achievements and a high level of commitment.

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Apply now until July 15, 2020 for a scholarship to study at the NIT!

Regardless of which scholarship students are interested in, we recommend applying early. If there is interest in a specific scholarship, this should be stated in the “Statement of Purpose” of the NIT application.

Our next Info Webinars "Study Technology Management"

We regularly inform prospective students in our online webinars about the Master's or Double Master's degree program in technology management, as well as about the various scholarship options. The next info webinar will take place on June 24 and another Q&A webinar will be held on July 1st, 2020. > The application deadline is July 15, 2020.

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