Thursday, January 30, 2020


As a longtime partner of the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management the international steel manufacturer, ArcelorMittal, has regularly awarded scholarships to outstanding students. The firm supports international master students who enroll in our Double Degree program (an M.Sc. at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in addition to an MBA in Technology Management at the NIT).

Latest Scholarship holder is Priyanka Billawa

NIT Class 21 student, Priyanka Billawa, from India is the most recent scholarship holder. In October, 2019 she began the international M.Sc. program, ‘Information & Communication Systems’ at the TUHH and an M.A. in Technology Management at the NIT. Last week, the official handover of the scholarship certificate took place, and we had the chance to talk with Priyanka about her upcoming collaboration with ArcelorMittal!

Dear Priyanka, congratulations on receiving the scholarship from ArcelorMittal! What was your first thought, when you got accepted?

Thank you so much! It is indeed an incredible feeling to receive the scholarship from such a world-renowned organization like ArcelorMittal. I am grateful to ArcelorMittal and the NIT for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. Apart from the financial aid, the scholarship motivates me to do better at my studies and aim higher.

You came to study in Germany in autumn, 2019. Tell us about the experiences you have made while studying and living on campus so far.
The NIT is my home away from home! I am fortunate to have found this environment that has helped me grow, discover my strengths and work upon my weaknesses. The modular course structure urges us to incorporate innovative thinking in generating new ideas. Working along with my peers from different countries has helped me fine-tune my problem-solving skills. The NIT program has positively transformed me as an individual.

What are your future plans with ArcelorMittal?

In the future, I am excited at the prospect of working with ArcelorMittal for my project work. I am eager to learn about the industrial processes of a global player and also applying my skillset in developing technical solutions further.

Why would you recommend this scholarship to prospective students?
I would definitely recommend applying! The unique element of this scholarship program is the fact that one gets to do an internship with a renowned company, which I believe, is invaluable in terms of practical exposure.

We thank Priyanka for the interview and wish her all the best for her further studies and project work with ArcelorMittal.

Apply now for a scholarship awarded by ArcelorMittal

Are you interested in studying in our Double Master’s program with a scholarship from ArcelorMittal? The company is looking for outstanding students with a background/first degree/Bachelor’s Degree in: Computer Science, Information & Communication Systems, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, Energietechnik, or Maschinenbau as part of a Double Master’s program at the Hamburg University of Technology.

The application window is open now until March 1, 2020. We recommend applying as soon as possible. Please find details about the application process here.

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