Thursday, September 14, 2017

SWALK - The safe way to your destination

Insecurity is a problem that significantly diminishes the quality of life of millions of residents and visitors to cities around the world, especially in Latin America where 42 of the world's 50 most violent cities are located. The feeling of being unsafe in certain situations can be very intense, and that is where Swalk can really make a difference.

Swalk is a mobile application that shows users the safest route to their destination. The streets of the routes are colored in red, yellow and green depending on their security level in real time. To create the routes, Swalk uses two sources of information: official data from the police departments and the database created by users because Swalk enables them to report crimes as they are experienced or witnessed. In order to improve veracity of the reports, every report made by users is validated according to the user's behavior profile, to other profiles giving the same or similar input, and to statistical analysis of the reported crimes.

The start-up SWALK enables users to create safer routes.

Furthermore, Swalk allows users to share their live location with a contact person while following a safe route, thus increasing their safety feeling. Swalk is at the moment in use as a beta version in Mexico City and Puebla. It enables users to create safe routes for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists as well as to report new crimes. The team consists of three founders: Rodrigo Hortega and Alejandro Espinoza, both Mexicans who have experienced the problems of insecurity and understand the repercussions in quality of life, and Bojidar Dimitrov, an enthusiastic backpack traveler who on the other hand is aware of the need for route advice when traveling to unknown places.

Swalk progress at the moment is frozen for various reasons and it is still unclear whether efforts to continue the project will succeed. Nevertheless, through two years of hard work and a definitely rocky road, plenty of knowledge and experience has been gathered, preparing the founders for future challenges.

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