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Since 2004, tesa SE has regularly awarded scholarships to outstanding talents who study the Master's program in Technology Management at the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. The recent scholarship holder is NIT student Andrea Vega Cienfuegos from Mexico. In September 2018, she began her Master's degree at NIT and is also studying Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering for am MSc at the Hamburg University of Technology.

Andrea, what does it mean to you that tesa enables you to study at NIT?

That such a world leading company put its eyes one me is a once in a life time opportunity for me and also a dream come true. Without their support, it would have been extremely complicated for me to study here and because of that I will always be grateful. I am sure that doing this Double Degree Program is going to be a milestone in my life and tesa being part of this adventure is a unique and amazing opportunity.

Besides that, having their support motivates to have a better performance and to do the best I can to learn and grow as much as possible.

What is the application process?

I have to say that the application process wasn't complicated and Dr. Scheuner was always willing to help me through it. After being accepted by the NIT, I sent my tesa's application letter, CV and some other documents through the Admission Office of NIT and they reviewed them first. After choosing the most suitable applications, tesa reviewed them and they invited me to a Skype interview. The main goal of it was to get to know me, my academic background, my past professional experiences and my interests and goals. A couple of days later they sent me an email telling me they wanted to talk to me again. Waiting for that second "interview" was one of the most exciting moments of my life. When they called me, they told me that I was the selected candidate to receive the two years tuition scholarship and because of my reaction, I am sure they could see that I was more than happy to receive the award.

How is the relationship with your sponsor company tesa?

Before the interview, the Human Resources department was always willing to answer my questions. During the whole interview they were very friendly and made me feel confident ,even if it was per Skype. They were very patient, they explained carefully what and where tesa manufactures and what my job as an intern would be, and they seemed to love working there. I had the chance to go to the company this month and once again, since the very beginning they made me feel very welcomed. They explained me the activities I was doing as part of my future internship with them and they were all the time interested in getting to know me better and answering my questions. I can't wait to start my internship with them next year!

How do you like studying at NIT?

Doing two Master´s programs at the same time is a huge challenge. I won't lie and say that it is easy but even if I have been here only for 2 months, I can say it is worth it. Studying at the NIT gives you another perspective of the business' world and the real working environment  that we as engineers sometimes forget. If someone wants to acquire not only technical knowledge, but also managerial one, I would say that the Double Degree Program of NIT offers a very complete option.

Its is also very interesting to study with people from all over the world, because it enables you to learn about different cultures and ways of thinking. Besides that, my professors have been so far experts in their topic and they are always open for discussion and answering your questions. All the NIT staff is friendly and very supportive and the chance of living in the building paying a low rent is amazing! We need to walk less than 10 minutes to go to all our TUHH classes and the NIT ones are just downstairs.

As I said, taking part of the Double Degree Program is a challenge and can be time consuming, but I think that after graduating, our chances to find a good job are going to increment enormously.

Thomas Fuchs, Executive Vice President Human Resources at tesa, accompanied the selection process and was present when the scholarship certificate was handed over.

Mr. Fuchs, why do you regularly sponsor students at NIT?

We are always on the lookout for particularly talented graduates with intercultural experience - NIT has proven to be the perfect partner, because NIT students do this in an outstanding way: They have dual qualifications, are determined and well prepared for global challenges. That's why we are delighted to sponsor a student with a scholarship again this year.

What are important criteria in your selection?

In line with the orientation of the double degree program at the TUHH and the NIT, we are always interested in Master students with an engineering and computer science background. The international orientation is just as important to us, even if the applicants initially intend to gain their first professional experience in Germany after their studies.

Why did you choose Andrea?

Ms. Vega convinced us both professionally and personally. She already has professional experience in an industry that is still dominated by men; she is highly motivated and assertive. Above all, Ms. Vega has shown courage and willingness to take risks in leaving her home country to face a double foreign language course in a new country and culture. We are happy to support Ms. Vega in the challenging times of internationalisation with this scholarship.  

The application process for the coming winter semester starts in January 2019. Apply early and indicate in your letter of motivation which scholarship of our partner companies you are interested in. You can find available scholarships for the next intake (Start in Oct 2019) here.

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