Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The 3rd Hamburg Economic Dialog

The NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, in cooperation with the German Institute for Trust and Security on the Internet (DIVSI), invites business leaders to register for the third Hamburg Economic Dialog.On September 28, 2017, entrepreneurs and executives of small and midrange Hamburg businesses (SMBs) will discuss leadership in the digital world.

Digital Leadership – Opportunities, Visions and Everyday Life

Digitization exercises a stronger influence than ever on our lives, private, professional and at all levels of society, or so it is generally believed. But how are we dealing with it in the world of work. Must Germany’s top managers fear for their jobs in an age of flat hierarchies? Does anyone still set the tone in startups? Is there anything to Leadership 4.0? Panel debate speakers will discuss these and other issues at the third Hamburg Economic Dialog.

The evening starts with a keynote by Dr Markus Klimmer, author of #DigitalLeadership – Wie Top-Manager in Deutschland den Wandel gestalten (How Top Managers in Germany Shape Change). There will then be an open panel discussion with people from practice. Dr. Johann Bizer, CEO of Dataport AöR, and Doren Nowotne, management consultant and Jenoptik AG Supervisory Board member, will be joined by startup founder Svenja Teichmann. Matthias Kammer, a digital expert and DIVSI director, will moderate the proceedings.

The third Hamburg Economic Dialog will begin at 6 p.m. in the Moot Court of the Bucerius Law School. After the debate the NIT will invite everyone to a get-together to get to know each other and to network. You must register to attend. Admission is free.

Hamburg Economic Dialog

With its Digital Think Tank, founded in November 2016, the NIT organizes workshops, talks and network events with the aim of bringing together actors and parties interested in digital change. Once every three months the NIT invites CEOs and entrepreneurs in the SMB sector to attend the Hamburg Economic Dialog and discuss Industry 4.0, new areas of business, and future fields of work. The goal is to generate a stimulating exchange of views on issues of concern for SMBs. Speakers from business, research, politics, and startups will provide input and inspiration.More

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