Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The NIT Sets up a Digital Think Tank

The NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has started a digital think tank to bring together expertise in the areas of digitization and new leadership. Verena Fritzsche, NIT’s CEO, says, “Many business models are no longer in step with the times. New technologies open up a variety of ways of developing value-chain potential. With this in mind, we want to examine and clarify the opportunities digitization offers when agile development processes are employed.” NIT’s digital experts lead and assist with change processes in organizations.

Business, society and policy are under increasing pressure to change. Digitization is driving a transformation whose outcome appears to be completely undecided. Rapid change is happening in business models and workflows, production methods and product portfolios, demand behavior and sales channels. Many operations and regulations that worked well until very recently now look strangely outdated. “You can try to adjust to this dynamic, but you probably won’t be able to keep up", says Sven Enger, who is helping to build the digital think tank and is bringing together the related fields. He can look back on many years of experience as a member of the Board of Directors in several international companies and is an expert of digitization and social change. "It’s good to react as quickly as possible to external factors. But it’s better to guide and shape what’s occurring", he says.

Passing on this principle to students and enabling them to have an impact in a strong partner network was one of the ideas that led to the creation of the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. NIT is now taking this notion one step further and activating a network of decision-makers and business players to provide new momentum and collaboratively explore how to master these challenges. Using an interdisciplinary, multiformat approach, they will question existing structures and develop new courses of action.

The digital think tank brings together experienced keynote speakers on the topics of digitization and new leadership. They prepare vivid, practical content that is custom-tailored for their audiences.

Theme nights, conferences, symposiums
NIT’s podium discussions, lecture series and networking get-togethers provide regular opportunities for specialists to share ideas. The portfolio ranges from short input presentations at theme nights to conferences and even summer schools that last several weeks and include special events for networking and socializing. The Hamburg Business Dialogue is one of these event. This networking meeting uses key point presentations and best practices to present concepts for success. It requires companies and their managers to stay focused on the big picture when facing disruptive changes in order to recognize and seize opportunities. It addresses questions such as: How can new business models be created and intelligently financed? What environments need to be created so we can maintain our competitive advantage? How will we set a trajectory for the new world of work?

Design Thinking Space
Outside of their own company, employees have the freedom to try new things, make mistakes and learn from them in a safe space. They get to know innovative methods like design thinking and agile project management, and they test them on their own business project. They use tools like the lean-startup methodology to test new business ideas for market readiness. Back at their company with this entrepreneurial mindset, employees can drive the digital transformation forward and prepare their company for the future.

Studies and Consulting
With its interdisciplinary network of international researchers, the digital think tank assists businesses and organizations and evaluates clearly defined tasks as part of academic studies. Experienced consultants and digital natives (master’s students from TUHH and NIT) are available to support and propel upcoming transformation processes.

NIT Study Series
In cooperation with the publishing company Verlag Zukunft & Gesellschaft, the digital think tank publishes its own series featuring its latest research findings and development reports, which help master upcoming transformation processes. By doing so, the digital think tank offers researchers and businesses a forum to present their insights to an audience of specialists and open those insights up for discussion during accompanying events.

Verena Fritzsche, CEO NIT
+49 40 42878 3835
thinktank@bitte nicht bespammennithh.de

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