Monday, November 19, 2018

Think outside the box! Make mistakes and be creative.

Try the new way of innovative collaboration and creative thinking. In our Design Thinking Workshop you solve complex problems with a systematic approach. To do this, you use the mindset of designers and develop prototypes that reflect the needs of users.

But what does a design thinking process look like?

A successful design thinking process consists of three parts. For the creative process to begin, at best an interdisciplinary team must be put together. Then the process can start. The group goes through six phases with interactive loops and develops first prototypes. Making mistakes is clearly desired in this process and leads to further development of the product. The third component is the creative space, which is equipped for the needs of innovative thinking.

Stimulate your creativity and become a designer in our one-day workshop on December, 11 2018.

You will then receive a certificate from the NIT. Your trainer is Moritz Avenarius, Zukunftslotse Hamburg.

You can find more information here.

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