Thursday, July 6, 2017

VDI nachrichten Scholarship 2017

This year the NIT and VDI nachrichten are awarding a partial scholarship worth € 7,000 for the English-language MBA study program in technology management at the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. The the Admissions Office is accepting applications by high-performing engineers who would like to study for the degree in-service or alongside the work on their doctoral dissertation. Apply as soon as possible!

At the NIT, highly motivated engineers from around the world learn general management and leadership competences together. The NIT was founded in 1998 as a private institute attached to the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) that also awards academic degrees. After personal interviews only around 35 students are admitted to study at the NIT from more than 300 applicants. The proportion of international students is around 50 percent. So far, engineers from over 60 countries have studied here to become technology managers and qualified for an international career.

Entrepreneurial responsibility runs like a clue of thread through the entire study program at the NIT. In addition to classical technology management students can specialize in entrepreneurial management. They learn on a project basis how to develop, evaluate, and implement innovations. That benefits both business founders with plans for their own startup and salaried engineers employed in, say, business development at their company. Along with English as the language of instruction another foreign language is compulsory for all students. Seminars are held in the evening and at the weekend and in two compact Spring Schools for which they can apply to their employer for (German) paid educational leave. In this way the NIT’s study program enables people in employment and graduate students working for their PhD to study without interrupting their careers.

The requirements for studying in-service for an MBA in Technology Management at the NIT are, in addition to a first degree in engineering (e.g. constructional or electrical engeneering) and a very good proficiency in English, at least two years of career experience. Outstanding academic achievements, dedication and private involvement in engineering (e.g. training of young engineers) or general civic engagement influence the admission process also.

The regular tuition fees are € 22,000. Engineers who would like to apply for the VDI nachrichten scholarship worth € 7,000 should have a very good first degree, describe their special suitability in a letter of motivation, and convince the selection committee of their academic achievements and social competence in a personal interview. The study program at the NIT begins annually in October.

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